CellPoint Mobile CXDigital customer engagement is becoming an unstoppable trend for brands across every industry. As more customers demand to be recognized for their business with increasingly personalized and relevant benefits and services, more brands are seeking to integrate a host of technologies to attract and retain these digitally connected and mobile-first consumers.

The problem, however, is that integrating an array of advanced customer engagement technologies can be expensive and complicated. And this is a problem that CellPoint Mobile, a London-based global payment solutions company, aims to solve, especially for airlines across Europe and beyond.

In an effort to bypasses various high cost and data integration hurdles, CellPoint Mobile will launch an all new Travel Bank mWallet, which promises to allow airlines to quickly integrate a mobile e-transactional system. The plug-and-play nature of this system should allow most airlines to complete the process in a matter of weeks.

"Today's airlines recognize the importance of facilitating and aiding passenger's journeys in the mobile environment, but carriers are often challenged by costs, time and data integration hurdles of rolling out an airline-branded mobile wallet, as well as the added costs of attracting and acquiring customers into their online universe," said Kristian Gjerding, CEO of CellPoint Mobile. "With this plug-and-play solution, airlines can deploy a fully branded digital universe across all channels in a matter of weeks, not months.”

As the need to embrace a digital customer experience continues, the Travel Bank mWallet will also serve as a mobile repository of passenger travel documents. This will include boarding passes and tickets. It will also contain information regarding loyalty program currencies and rewards status. Furthermore, the Travel Bank mWallet will also work in online and offline modes to ensure a consistent and continuous customer experience.

And even beyond just convenient and digital integration, CellPoint Mobile believes that the wallet will increase revenue streams through an airline-branded and omni-channel platform. This promises to offer numerous paths to purchase for millions of passengers.

"They can manage tender and non-tender records, enjoy higher conversion on both ticket sales and ancillary products and services, and boost revenues by leveraging additional cross-selling opportunities that emerge when passengers stay within an airline's branded universe for purchases and payments," said Gjerding.

Currently, CellPoint Mobile's Travel Bank mWallet also integrates seamlessly with other electronic payment wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and MasterPass.

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