ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.— Catalina Marketing, the global leader in precision marketing and shopper-driven media, today announced it has acquired Invenda Corporation’s digital couponing businesses, E-centives and Collabrys.

“Catalina Marketing has spent the past 25 years transferring our understanding of how purchase decisions can be used to motivate, enforce or drive new buying decisions,” said Dick Buell, Catalina Marketing’s Chairman and CEO. “Delivering relevant communications to the right audience, and measuring the performance of marketing spends, is at the core of all our business initiatives. We are excited about extending this level of shopper understanding and shopper value to the digital space for our consumer packaged goods (CPG), food, drug and mass partners.”

With 14 years of experience working with CPG companies on digital couponing,  customer relationship marketing database management services, email marketing, and website development, E-centives brings three critical elements to the table: established technology platforms, proven,  innovative industry professionals, and a valuable portfolio of intellectual property and patents.

“This strategic investment is reflective of Catalina Marketing’s commitment to advancing long-term, viable digital innovations for our industry partners, as well as our commitment to shoppers who seek customized value delivered through their preferred channel of communication,” said Buell. “We believe this acquisition will accelerate efforts to link various forms of online advertising, mobile communications and video couponing to support our brand partners’  overall objectives.”

Catalina Marketing’s acquisition announcement follows the company’s release of CPG mobile couponing performance data,  as well as the recent appointment of former Google Affiliate Network executive, Chris Henger, to lead its digital business.


Catalina Marketing Corporation owns and operates the world’s largest, transaction-level, shopper-data warehouse -  powering media networks to intelligently connect CPG, health care, and retailer marketers with specific audiences. Catalina Marketing develops,  delivers, and measures shopper and patient-driven engagements with approximately 90M households and 130M patients annually. Media distribution channels include 50,000 food, drug and mass locations worldwide, including 18,000 US pharmacies. The company is based in St.  Petersburg, Florida, with operations in the US, Europe and Japan.

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