Sean McGrail, president and co-founder of Paint Nite− the world’s largest social painting experience provider and community−wanted to heighten the customer experience and make it more personalized through gifting options ahead of the holiday season.

“Previously, we had built an in-house e-gift product that was pretty bare bones and was intended for a single consumer to email the gift code to a friend or family member,” McGrail explained to Loyalty360. “Over time, however, we realized that many consumers wanted more options and we were missing out on sales. For example, many consumers wanted to give a plastic card and not just an email or a printed sheet.” Enter CashStar.

Paint Nite recently launched its new e-commerce gifting experience on the CashStar Commerce platform, just in time for the holiday gifting season.

Paint Nite’s legacy gifting program allows customers to purchase a voucher online, which can then be emailed to the recipient as a PDF to print and redeem. Given that multiple recent studies have shown that consumers, especially digitally savvy millennials, increasingly value experiences over physical goods, Paint Nite sought to upgrade its gifting program with one that would appeal to a digitally engaged audience.

With CashStar Commerce, Paint Nite allows consumers to select a custom digital or plastic gift card. Digital gift cards can be personalized and delivered instantly or stored electronically on smartphones until redemption. For customers looking to gift something tangible, Paint Nite will also sell plastic cards online with the option of expedited shipping. This holiday season, Paint Nite will leverage the CashStar platform to deliver fully branded gift card-based marketing programs to attract, convert, and retain seasonal shoppers.

“Additionally, we also wanted to unlock large bulk gift card purchases for our corporate clients,” McGrail said. “About fifteen percent of our event sales are private corporate team-building events. Many of these managers want to give Paint Nite gift cards as an incentive for a team effort as a small ‘thank you’ for a creative project. Many of the people we talk to are tired of giving the same gift cards all the time as rewards and want to give an experience like Paint Nite that is more of a memory to their employees. CashStar has a robust platform that has all the bells and whistles we could imagine and isn’t a burden for our tech team to build.”

Paint Nite partners with the most popular bars throughout the world, as well as with more than 1,100 artists, to host fun gatherings for people looking for unique social gatherings. The company currently hosts approximately 5,500 events each month, entertaining more than 180,000 people by providing the ultimate social painting experience.

With CashStar Commerce, Paint Nite’s gifting options now appeal to digital-savvy consumers, allowing them to select a custom digital or plastic gift card.

Gerry Gilbert, vice president, product, CashStar, told Loyalty360 that the CashStar Commerce platform caters to today’s consumers who increasingly expect engaging, intuitive, and personalized experiences across all of their devices.

“The platform enables shoppers to quickly and easily shop for digital and plastic gift cards from their favorite retailers and brands and gift a great experience in a highly personalized way,” Gilbert explained. “Paint Nite’s 180,000 monthly users are a particularly creative and innovation-driven group, making the CashStar Commerce platform the perfect solution for merchants wanting to delight both gift card purchasers and recipients with the experience of a fun night out with friends and family.”

For example, Gilbert said, Paint Nite customers can select a faceplate design or upload his or her own image for ultimate personalization. For digital gift cards, they can also choose between instant delivery or electronic storage on their smartphones until the card is redeemed.

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