Mobile marketing has been a hot topic this year in the incentive and reward industry, and Carlson Marketing has just added a new product and strategy paper to the conversation.

mCerts Instant Rewards

Mobile gift certificates or mCerts are now part of Carlson Marketing’s Instant Rewards program, providing on-the-spot reward redemptions for their loyalty program members. According to Carlson, mCerts can reach 97 percent of all mobile device users by using text messaging, mobile catalogs and scannable barcodes to connect customers with their loyalty programs and provide access to immediate reward redemption.

The mCert technology is an extension of the company’s eCerts capability, which powers email certificates. This unification of online and mobile communication now provides companies with the ability to reach their most loyal customers with discounts,  loyalty point credits, and monetary rewards instantly across channels.

“We have designed an approach that connects all stakeholders to loyalty programs via the mobile device,” said Suzy Cox, vice president of brand loyalty at Carlson Marketing. “We’ve done this on a platform-agnostic basis. … mCerts work without downloading apps, and without a social network. It builds a clear and immediate connection between the brand and its most valuable customers.”

How mCerts works: Loyalty program members can redeem points, miles or other currencies for mCerts,  eCerts or traditional plastic gift cards via a mobile eCatalog or standard browser-based eCatalog experience. When the mCert option is selected, a text message containing a link to a mobile web page is sent to the member’s mobile phone. Upon clickthrough, the member is taken to a mobile web page that displays a barcode image representing the cash equivalent reward. The barcode then is presented to a merchant scanning system to redeem the reward.

The mCert technology was developed in conjunction with RocketBux, a Bend, OR–based mobile marketing services provider.

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