ATLANTA—Cardlytics,      the pioneer of transaction     marketing within banking, announced today that it has partnered with AccountNow,      one of the nation’s largest prepaid debit card providers, to provide     highly targeted rewards to customers based on prepaid debit     transactions. Cardlytics already has a significant base of partners with     millions of households able to take advantage of the Cardlytics service;      this partnership represents a substantial addition to the general     purpose reloadable prepaid portfolio.

A market innovator since 2004, AccountNow is the trusted brand in     providing alternative online banking solutions to the more than 40     million people living in the country who lack credit or traditional     banking relationships. Through this partnership, merchants will be able     to market directly to AccountNow prepaid cardholders, providing them     with highly relevant offers based on their own preferred spending habits.

“AccountNow Purchase Rewards is both highly relevant and valuable for     our customers who rarely are offered this type of rewards program,” said     Greg Pacheco, senior vice president of AccountNow.

Cardlytics’ transaction marketing platform is unique in that offers are     based on actual transaction data stored in account holders’ online     banking statements, which ensures that incentives are truly relevant to     each recipient. Offers are presented directly beneath line item     transaction records reviewed by AccountNow customers each time they     visit their own online prepaid statement.

By “clicking” on the offers, account holders choose to activate or     “accept” rewards before redeeming them at a number of national, local     and online retailers. Because coupons or promotion codes are not     required, offers are automatically redeemed when customers use their     qualifying cards to make purchases according to the offers’ conditions.

“Consumers have a number of options available to them today to support     their banking needs and prepaid represents one of the largest growing     delivery channels,” said Lynne     Laube, president of Cardlytics. “As an established, proven leader in     the prepaid industry, AccountNow represents exactly the type of company     that we like to partner with in offering valuable loyalty rewards     programs and benefits that help consumers better manage their personal     finances and spending decisions.”

About AccountNow

AccountNow ( or, headquartered in San Ramon, Calif., is a     leading provider of financial solutions for the 40 million U.S.      consumers who do not have established credit or traditional banking     relationships. AccountNow provides consumers an alternative to     “traditional” checking accounts and access to financial and payments     systems, including Visa prepaid cards, online     bill pay, and FDIC-insured deposits.

About Cardlytics

Through a highly relevant, “market-of-one” approach, Cardlytics unites     banks and merchants to provide rich rewards to customers based on their     individual purchase behavior. Its technology tracks consumers’ actual     purchases, providing the first digital channel that can guarantee     offline sales and help consumers realize savings of hundreds of dollars     per year on the products they purchase every day. The rewards improve     consumers’ banking behavior by increasing usage, reducing attrition and     strengthening engagement with online banking. Cardlytics’ multi-channel     approach includes online banking, SMS, e-mail, mobile, online-mall and     social networks. For more information about Cardlytics, visit

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