Keeping track of customers’ changing behaviors is essential to loyalty in the hospitality industry. For example, a new survey released by Cambria Hotels shows that business travelers’ behaviors when traveling for work have changed. The once-iconic practice of literally drinking a nightcap, or after-work cocktail, is no longer the norm.
More than 70 percent of those surveyed believe the nightcap has evolved. Business travelers have recalibrated their definition of the nightcap to include health-and-wellness or spa products that help them celebrate a day well-spent. The survey also found that close to 50 percent of business travelers are drinking less alcohol than they used to when traveling for business. Travelers still value a nighttime ritual with nearly 85 percent agreeing they would like to enjoy a “modern nightcap” during their hotel stay at the end of the day.
Cambria Nightcap Program
In response to this emerging trend, Cambria Hotels has launched a new program at select hotels to provide guests with two new ways to enjoy a personalized capstone to their day:

  • Complimentary Nightcap Options for Loyalty Program Members: Choice Privileges, the free loyalty rewards program of Choice Hotels, offers members the option to choose one of several complimentary upscale modern nightcap options at check-in, such as an eye mask or a shower burst spa product.
  • New Nightcap Bar Menu: All guests can choose a personalized Nightcap from a new “Modern Nightcap Menu,” available at the hotel restaurant and bar. The menu options offer a little indulgence to help guests end their day on a high note, such as herbal tea, milk and cookies, a custom cocktail, or craft beer.
“Cambria has always catered to the modern business traveler who values little luxuries, and with careful research, we’ve compiled a collection of guilt-free indulgences to delight all Cambria guests,” says Janis Cannon, Senior Vice President of Upscale Brands, Choice Hotels. “A modern nightcap is a way to treat yourself and celebrate your accomplishments. Just as the definition of the nightcap has evolved, Cambria is evolving to offer business travelers more personalized options to help our guests travel like a boss.”
The Cambria Nightcap Program will launch at the following locations: Dallas, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, and Pittsburgh.
Survey Results
Cambria’s survey was nationwide and explored the wants and needs of today’s modern business traveler. The survey, done in collaboration with survey platform Pollfish, uncovered a number of findings about traveler’ inclinations, many of which informed the Cambria Nightcap Program:
  • More than 65 percent of business travelers surveyed prefer to end the day by winding down in their hotel room.
  • Over nine out of ten travelers’ nighttime rituals change if they’re traveling for business, as opposed to when they’re home.
  • 65 percent of business travelers indulge more on work trips.
  • More men than women believe the traditional nightcap is outdated.
  • A relaxing bath or shower was business travelers’ most preferred modern nightcap.
It’s interesting to see that today’s business travelers end their nights in a more reserved manner than their predecessors. It’s worth watching how Cambria customers respond to this new program, which seeks to appeal to these modern behaviors.

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