California Tortilla Customer EngagementCalifornia Tortilla, a quick serve burrito restaurant based out of Rockville, Maryland, is taking steps to go deeper into the digital space. Specifically, the company has unveiled the new mobile ordering function of its Burrito Elito Mobile App, a branch of the California Tortilla loyalty program, Burrito Elito. Developed in collaboration with reward program solutions provider Paytronix Systems and online ordering company TakeOut Technologies, the app offers several channels through which customers can engage with the brand.

Using the app, customers can keep tabs on their Burrito Elito loyalty points and redeem them for food rewards. The program already boasts over 180,000 members, with more sure to join with the release of the iOS and Android apps. The customer benefits are best summed up by Charlie Jeffers, CEO of TakeOut Technologies.

“Since working with Paytronix and California Tortilla with single-sign-on in the Paytronix Mobile app, customers are now able to enjoy a more seamless mobile/online ordering experience,” said Jeffers. “Customers can login, order food, get rewards, pay, and drop their order into the POS system with only having to login to an app!”

The app is a fantastic tool for loyal customers looking to get their burrito fix, and it’s even more valuable from the perspective of California Tortilla. This is due to the mountains of customer data that the company can now access. The company is now able to track each customer’s purchasing habits, from whether they prefer to order online or in-store, down to details like their favorite menu item. The app provides a full perspective of how any given customer prefers to engage with the brand. This data is crucial to providing customized marketing, and that fact isn’t lost on California Tortilla; the brand is working to engage customers with real-time messages at the moment of purchase decision.California Tortilla Customer Engagement

Further, the app will increase in-store efficiency and productivity. By spreading orders across multiple channels, California Tortilla expects to cut wait times and increase the number of orders it can process during peak hours.

“Paytronix provided key support in helping us to evolve our rewards program, ensuring that it was a seamless process for our staff and our 180+ thousand Burrito Elito members,” said Laura Cissel, VP of marketing, California Tortilla. “We’re excited about the opportunities our new mobile apps bring to enriching the guest experience and helping us to further our marketing efforts.”

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