Businesses Need to Adopt Technology Tools for a Superior Customer Experience

Technology for Customer ExperienceProviding a superior customer experience is paramount to any marketer’s success.

But having the necessary tools is crucial to achieving that success.

Nearly 75% of customer service professionals lack the tools they need to deliver an optimal customer experience, according to a study from Glance Networks.

The study found that 73% of customer service professionals have difficulty meeting their performance metric goals. What’s more, 78% of customer service professionals track and are measured against at least one performance metric, such as first contact resolution, average handle time, or customer satisfaction score, but many don’t have the necessary tools to meet their goals.

According to the respondents, lack of sufficient resources and tools were cited as the main reasons for lack of performance development−27% of those surveyed mentioned dated technology as a hindrance to meeting performance goals.Businesses adopting technology

“When 45% of consumers abandon online transactions if their concerns aren’t quickly addressed, there’s a clear need for businesses to adopt technology and tools that deliver a superior customer experience in order to drive customer loyalty,” said Tom Martin, CEO of Glance Networks.

This is a major gap, considering the amount of consumers that abandon online transactions if their concerns aren’t adequately addressed.

To counter this, visual engagement technologies such as cobrowsing and screen sharing are effective in creating a 1-to-1 connection between customer service and customers. In fact, 52% of respondents that worked for companies who had cobrowsing or screen sharing technologies reported better understanding of customer issues, while 38% stated they had improved customer satisfaction.

“In today’s online environment, it’s more critical than ever to provide customers a personalized and seamless experience,” Martin said. “Cobrowsing allows you to create that 1-to-1 interaction, regardless of your customer’s location or device.”

Despite the advances in customer service effectiveness, the study says, there’s still room for improvement as 60%of respondents claimed that their companies do not have cobrowsing or screen sharing technology. 

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