"Spark" and "Fuse" Offer Plug-and-Play Gamification and Integration Into 80+ Enterprise Applications

Core News Facts:

--  Bunchball, the pioneer and market leader in gamification, has added

            two new product lines to the Bunchball product family: Spark and Fuse.
        --  Sparks are plug-and-play applications that combine Bunchball's
            industry-leading technology and experience to solve specific business
            problems like software adoption, site engagement and sales
        --  The various Sparks will allow companies to address a range of
            significant business goals, such as monetization metrics and Web
        --  These full-featured, turnkey Spark applications provide everything
            needed to set up a gamification program, with deployment targets
            including enterprise applications, websites, and mobile devices.
        --  The Spark suite includes:
            --  Spark Engagement: motivates users to consume, create and share on
                content sites
            --  Spark Loyalty: creates a results-oriented online loyalty program
            --  Spark Partner: rewards channel partners for learning about and
                selling products
            --  Spark Commerce: drives purchase and social sharing
            --  Spark Community: motivates collaboration, discussion and knowledge
            --  Spark Sales: motivates sales performance and CRM adoption
            --  Spark Training: motivates users to learn new skills and complete
                training courses
            --  Spark Service: motivates your team to deliver superior service
            --  Spark Adoption: drives product mastery & application usage
            --  Spark Conversion: drives product mastery & trial conversion
        --  Fuse enables Bunchball customers to seamlessly connect their
            gamification programs to more than 80 enterprise applications,
            including ADP, Box, NetSuite, Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP, Sharepoint,
            SugarCRM, Taleo, Workday, and more.
        --  Via its three product lines, Bunchball is the only vendor to offer a
            comprehensive gamification suite with customizable applications that
            are easy to implement quickly and show immediate results.
            --  Nitro: a comprehensive platform
            --  Sparks: simple, powerful gamification apps
            --  Fuse: connectors to motivate users across enterprise applications
        --  Spark Engagement, Spark Sales and Fuse are available today. New Sparks
            will be introduced throughout 2012. For more information, visit www.bunchball.com           
Customers Using Spark Solutions:
        --  J.Hilburn and Bluewolf are using Sparks to power gamification
            initiatives within their own workforces.
        --  J.Hilburn, a leading provider of custom men's clothing, is using Spark
            Engagement to motivate employees, improve product knowledge and
            increase participation.
        --  Bluewolf, a leading consulting firm specializing in SaaS applications,
            is using Spark Sales on top of Salesforce to power their #GoingSocial
        --  Businesses using Sparks have seen:
            --  100 percent increase in page views
            --  60 percent increase in page views per visits
            --  30 percent increase in unique visitors
            --  20 percent increase in registrations
            --  100 percent increase in time-on-site
            --  100 percent increase in repeat visits



Attributable to Corinne Sklar, Vice President, Marketing, Bluewolf

"Our challenge at Bluewolf is to increase enterprise knowledge-sharing both internally and externally. In encouraging this culture shift, we see gamification as an important part of the change management strategy. We are seeing a growing trend for integrating game mechanics into more traditional enterprise based services such as CRM and collaboration suites. The gamification of the enterprise and workplace provides the motivation to share data, improve customer insight and collaborate. We've seen the success internally and, with partners like Bunchball, we anticipate similar success with clients."


Attributable to Christina Dohanich, Manager of Partner Development

"At J.Hilburn, we've created a gamification program aimed at motivating salespeople, encouraging collaboration and rewarding ongoing education. We chose Spark Engagement because Bunchball has the most gamification expertise, and, through Spark, we get that technology and experience in a simple yet powerful app."

Attributable to Rajat Paharia, founder and CPO, Bunchball "After years of building gamification products and numerous customer deployments, we know it has immense value and can prove ROI across multiple industries. Our Spark Solutions take everything we've learned about gamification and package it into effective, turnkey applications for site owners who need to address a business issue with a quick and easy solution that shows immediate value."

ABOUT BUNCHBALL: Bunchball is the market leader and visionary in gamification. Powering the Engaged Enterprise, Bunchball enables organizations to improve business performance throughout their ecosystem by creating highly active and loyal customers, employees, and partners. Bunchball's comprehensive suite of innovative cloud-based solutions empowers companies to engage and motivate, leading to improved employee productivity, customer loyalty and ROI. Bunchball's world-class customers include Adobe, HP, Cisco, Warner Bros., Comcast, LiveOps, VMware and Hasbro. Based in Silicon Valley, Bunchball's investors include Granite Ventures, Triangle Peak Partners, Northport Investments, and Correlation Ventures. For more information, visit www.bunchball.com , our blog at www.gamification.com , or follow @bunchball.

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