CAMBRIDGE,  England and SAN FRANCISCO, April 27, 2010—Autonomy Corporation plc (LSE: AU. or AU.L), a global leader in infrastructure software for the enterprise, today announced that British Airways is using Autonomy Optimost’s Marketing Optimization Platform to boost customer engagement and significantly drive up conversion rates on its website,  Autonomy Optimost was selected after a competitive procurement owing to its technological superiority, unique managed service, comprehensive marketing optimization offering and excellent track record of generating unmatched results for its clients.

British Airways is a global, full-service airline, with over 40,000 employees. Nearly 2 million people use to service their booking every month, with 1.5 million checking-in online monthly. In order to ensure that its website continues to work to its full potential and to monetize on the visitors attracted to it, British Airways was looking for a simple and easy-to-use managed service solution, which requires minimal reliance on IT support, can automate complex tests of millions of variables and perform advanced intelligent analytics for maximum results.

“Autonomy Optimost was the only solution capable of meeting and exceeding our demanding requirements and its customer satisfaction track record is second to none,” said Mike Tomlinson, evolution executive, and Mobile Delivery. “It has provided the means and incentive to constantly improve the site by putting our customers in the driving seat. By taking the guesswork out of important content, layout and design decisions, Autonomy Optimost has ultimately enabled us to benefit from a dramatic increase in click-through-rates (CTR) and conversions.”

Autonomy Optimost optimizes all areas of your business to maximize profitability and drive growth. Its unique Marketing Optimization Platform brings advanced analytics, pattern-matching, optimization, and targeting under a single marketing platform to automatically identify and execute the most optimal marketing strategy.

“Autonomy Optimost enables businesses to depart from legacy approaches relying on ill-equipped metrics and guesswork, and empowers them to gain a true understanding of their customers’ preferences, intent and behavior,” said Andy Jenks, CEO of Autonomy Optimost. “Businesses are increasingly turning to Autonomy Optimost to democratize their marketing campaigns and design process and we are delighted to see British Airways achieve these fantastic results with Autonomy Optimost.”

Future plans include leveraging Autonomy Optimost’s technology across all websites, including hosted recommendations and segmentation and targeting to different customer profiles.

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About Autonomy Optimost

Autonomy Optimost leverages unique meaning-based technology to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive suite of marketing optimization solutions. It delivers automated capabilities such as advanced analytics, pattern-matching, optimization, and targeting to optimize marketing across multiple channels to drive business growth. Marketers can now take a proactive and automated approach for identifying emerging customer segments and determining the most effective way to market to them, including the most optimal product recommendations, promotional offers, pricing strategies,  and advertising placements.

Autonomy Optimost can be seamlessly integrated into websites and landing pages to ensure that web design and content delivery are returning the highest business results. Available as a hosted and onsite solution, marketers can rely on Autonomy Optimost to analyze and act on market and customer information. The world’s leading corporate brands, including Allstate, Avis, Bank of America, Delta Air Lines, EarthLink,, John Lewis, Lenovo, LexisNexis, and Shutterfly leverage Autonomy Optimost to maximize profitability.

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