Six Ways Brands Can Use NFC Technology to Enhance Customer Experience, Customer Loyalty

NFC brandsBrands can use NFC technology during the customer journey to improve in-store experiences, generate more sales, and enhance customer loyalty and trust, according to a comprehensive retail research report and web survey released by the NFC Forum and Strategy Analytics.

The report focused on mobile customer engagement and purchases, revealing the needs and preferences of today’s mobile-centric consumer. The in-depth report includes both observational research of retail scenarios comprising 36 participants and a web survey that included more than 1,000 participants.

Overwhelmingly, NFC technology was preferred over competing alternatives including Bluetooth Beacons and QR codes.

Here are six ways that brands can use NFC technology to access timely and relevant information, such as:

Store deals, store Wi-Fi, and rewards accounts

Multimedia content and real-time store inventory

Information about related products

A digital, NFC-enabled shopping cart on their phones

Product information for large purchases

Exact refill cartridge information and one-touch reorder capability

NFC was preferred by a significant margin over QR codes, Bluetooth Beacons, and browsers in all of these use cases.

The study also revealed that:

More than 75% of respondents who used NFC were very satisfied with their experiences.

More than 75% of respondents indicated an interest in viewing additional product information including inventory and availability via NFC.

More than 60% were interested in an NFC-enabled mobile shopping cart in-store experience and using NFC to order the replacement parts or accessories for products, such as ink and toner cartridges for printers.

“Smart phones continue to change the way we live, interact, and shop,” Paula Hunter, Executive Director, NFC Forum said in a release. “For NFC branddecades, retailers have been working to leverage technology to improve customer experiences and engagement under the ever-evolving digital model – all with varying degrees of success. Thanks to this survey data we have a much deeper understanding of how retail consumers want to be engaged. Overwhelmingly, NFC is preferred because it’s fast, efficient, and offers greater control. With more than 500 million NFC-enabled phones in the market today and more than a billion by the end of this year, retailers would be wise to take advantage of NFC’s superior performance to immediately improve consumer engagement in many other aspects of the retail experience.”

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