BP Simplifies Driver Rewards Loyalty Program

BP officials always want to evolve and simplify their BP Driver Rewards loyalty program through customer feedback.

Now, officials announced a new enhancement to their loyalty program that will lead to a more seamless, simple process.

BP consumers will now be able to link any major credit card to their BP Driver Rewards accounts, making it easier to earn rewards on fuel purchases. This new feature will save time at the pump since loyalty members now will only need to swipe their preferred credit card without also needing to carry and swipe their BP Rewards card each time they fill up.

BP consumers will be able to link up to five eligible major credit cards to their BP Driver Rewards account online. For existing members, activation will take place within 48 hours; new members will be able to link credit card(s) during the initial registration process.

Michael Abendhoff, director of media affairs for BP, told Loyalty360 that customer feedback played a critical role in the recent enhancement to the loyalty program.

“Everything we do is rooted in delivering a better consumer experience,” he explained. “Since the program’s inception in 2013, we’ve continually searched for ways to evolve the BP Driver Rewards program to meet the needs of our most loyal consumers, including regularly soliciting consumer feedback. One area that has been a challenge for some consumers has been the requirement to swipe both their rewards card and their payment card at our stations. The goal of this enhancement was to not only make participation easier by allowing only one card swipe to participate, but also to provide an opportunity to link to a broader set of payment card networks.” 

In 2015, BP re-introduced its rewards program to help consumers understand the many options available to reward themselves.

“This launch coincided with an increased investment to help BP better engage with our most active members in an effort to not only keep, but also increase, member visits to BP,” Abendhoff noted. “BP used insights from member segments to test new offers and promotions such as a ‘spin to win’ cents-off digital promotion and a concert ticket offer that have yielded positive results. We are very honored to see that our program is making an impact in the hearts of BP consumers. Our most active members are using the BP Driver Rewards program four times a month and, therefore, consistently getting rewarded at BP stations.”

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