Bond Brand Loyalty, a global marketing and customer-experience company, has announced the launch of SynapzeCX. Using real-time performance insights and AI-powered loyalty mechanics, SynapzeCX is intended to enable the frontline to deliver an improved customer experience and drive business outcomes.
The link between engaged employees and customer experience outcomes is irrefutable, but getting the frontline to consistently deliver the right experience at every customer interaction is a challenge for brands. SynapzeCX enables companies to engage, teach, motivate, and measure impact in ways that meet the unique needs of channel partners and employees.
“A workplace culture that fosters a great customer experience is one that focuses on the most important representation of your brand: your people,” says Bob Macdonald, President and CEO of Bond Brand Loyalty. “Using best-in-class technology, SynapzeCX allows brands to build greater bonds with their frontline employees, so they can, in turn, deliver exceptional experiences for customers.”
A New Model for Employee Engagement
SynapzeCX is part of Synapze, Bond’s proprietary suite of technology platforms. In contrast to other e-learning platforms, SynapzeCX uses measurable performance metrics, such as sales, customer satisfaction, and NPS scores, to recommend training and coaching in real time. SynapzeCX also enables companies to create personalized and adaptive learning content that delivers high-impact communications and provides brands with real-time insights on the KPIs that matter most to them.
Bond identified a gap in the marketplace, noting that existing learning and communications technologies were dated and didn’t fit with the needs of today’s employees. Companies often forget that employees are consumers, too, and they also expect to engage with content and brands in meaningful, personalized, and convenient ways. Bond Brand Loyalty concluded that existing learning platforms don’t consider this, and employees must go to a multitude of places to learn, get up-to-date information, and see how they are performing.
SynapzeCX is multi-tenant, multi-lingual, multi-national, multi-brand, and modular, providing employees with one comprehensive engagement hub. This next-generation platform applies loyalty mechanics to the employee in order to deliver behavioral and business results.
“SynapzeCX builds on Bond’s unique and comprehensive approach,” says Macdonald, “using human-centered design, data science, and loyalty mechanics to create meaningful impact. Culture is a brand’s strongest differentiator and hardest for competitors to replicate. So investing in your people through a differentiated, brand-aligned learning experience is critical to driving revenue growth, profitability, and loyalty.”

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