Allstate Customer EngagementOrlando Mercado, Allstate’s Product Management Director, told Loyalty360 that introducing things like Allstate Rewards and Drivewise promotes more positive customer engagement. What’s more, Mercado offered some key advice to loyalty marketers seeking to build upon their respective customer-centric strategies.

“Be in the mindset of iterating,” Mercado explained. “What may be a best practice for engaging customers today may not be the same as it is tomorrow, so it is important to keep contact with customers and the ever-evolving industry to ensure that customers are being served in a way that they want and expect.”

Through the use of Drivewise− a telematics insurance program that rewards drivers for driving safely−and its integration with the company’s loyalty program−Allstate Rewards−Allstate wants to change the way customers perceive and interact with their insurance companies. By taking the extra step of allowing customers of other insurance companies to participate, Allstate hopes to kick-start brand loyalty in new policyholders.

Allstate took home several honors at the second annual Loyalty360 CX Awards held during the Engagement & Experience Expo, hosted by Loyalty360. Allstate walked away with three awards: A Gold in the Best Customer Insight in Customer Experience category; a Silver in the Best Technology & Trends in Customer Experience category; and a Bronze in the comprehensive 360-Degree.

Allstate tries to simplify its customer relationships.

“Customers are inundated with communications on a daily basis from companies that they do and don’t do business with,” Mercado said. “With that in mind, we are mindful with how we interact with our customers and how often we do so. We solicit input from customers to understand how they would like to interact with us and we do our best to develop processes than align with their expectations.”Allstate Customer Engagement

Innovation, Mercado noted, is a critical element of Allstate’s efforts to provide a complete customer experience that emphasizes service, connectedness, safety, preparedness, and value.

“We have found that combining our digital software product team and our insurance product team can lead to ideas that bring greater value and engagement to our customers,” he explained. “From a Connected Car technology perspective, there has been an Allstate culture shift to become more digitally savvy and engage our customers through our technology innovation. We are in an ongoing learning process of continuous improvement as we push the boundaries in the development of additional features for the Drivewise app.” 

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