Best Western Changes Name, Logos to Update Company’s Significant Progress and Brand Loyalty

Best Western Brand LoyaltyTo say that Best Western International has made significant strides in the past decade might be an understatement. Due to its global success during that time period, and the amount of brand loyalty it has gained, Best Western, which boasts a diverse collection of more than 4,100 properties in more than 100 countries, announced some major changes last week.

Best Western introduced a new master brand name (Best Western Hotels & Resorts) and unique logos for each hotel brand. These changes convey to travelers and developers the changes that have taken place to contemporize Best Western, including:

  • A stable and progressive executive team, led by David Kong, one of the most experienced chief executives in the travel industry.
  • An investment of $2 billion (by the end of 2016) in property improvements and renovations by North American Best Western hotels.
  • A focused and conscious effort to elevate the quality of its family of hotels through the separation of more than 1,200 properties in North America over the course of the last ten years.
  • Splitting the portfolio into three brands (Best Western, Best Western Plus and Best Western Premier) in 2011 to clarify and better set guest expectations.
  • The emergence as an industry powerhouse by outpacing others in RevPAR (revenue per available room) and winning record levels of industry awards.
  • The Best Western Hotels & Resorts master brand logo pulls through the company’s current blue color, updated with a modern hue and uses the distinctive hand drawn lettering which was created to be contemporary, friendly and memorable. This logo will clearly define that Best Western is a company of hotels and resorts across the globe with brands that meet the needs of today's travelers.
  • The design of the Best Western hotel brand logo utilizes the hand drawn lettering, which is familiar and personable and pulls through the company's updated blue color. The centerpiece globe comes to life through the use of special effects such as gradient, highlighting and a 3-D treatment. These effects will be distinctive within the hotel industry which traditionally uses two-dimensional logos.
  • The Best Western Plus logo picks up on the brand's traditional use of red, incorporates the signature lettering and draws more emphasis to the word "Plus" using a contemporary tapered line. The diamond shape, inspired by the shape of a mobile app, distinguishes it from the Best Western hotel brand logo by giving it a more premium look within the upper midscale segment.
  • The Best Western Premier logo uses a classic yet contemporary font along with unique design elements to exude elegance and style. The BWP monogram brings an iconic expression with its multi-dimensional elliptical shape. The Premier word mark uses customized lettering and is accentuated with a tapered line and ties it to the Best Western master brand.
  • Using a phased approach, Best Western is redesigning its digital platform, including, the mobile website and mobile applications. In August 2015, new property websites were created for over 2,000 properties across North America. A week ago, Best Western launched its new mobile booking experience, including a mobile website and mobile apps for smart phones and tablets, to provide a cleaner, uncluttered interface that is easy to use. In early spring 2016, Best Western will unveil its entirely new
  • Targeted for implementation in January 2016, Best Western will approach major corporations and offer a money back satisfaction guarantee for their travelers. If dissatisfied, Best Western will refund the stay and deposit Best Western Rewards points into the traveler's account to apologize for the inconvenience.Best Western Updates

Glen MacDonell, Managing Director, Loyalty & Partnership Marketing, Best Western Hotels & Resorts, told Loyalty360 that the new corporate name emphasizes the diverse portfolio of 4,100 properties in more than 100 countries.

“Adding ‘Hotels & Resorts’ to our corporate name better represents the quality and variety of properties globally and will help change the perception and guest expectation of the brand,” MacDonell explained.

Regarding the individual logos being proposed for Best Western, Best Western Plus, and Best Western Premier, MacDonell noted three primary objectives of Best Western’s brand identity refresh:

  • Signal change to travelers, hotel owners, developers and travel buyers regarding the dramatic improvements the Best Western brand has experienced over the past decade;
  • Create a clearer differentiation between our hotel brands; and
  • Broaden Best Western’s appeal through a more contemporary look.

“These logos bring clear and memorable differentiation between Best Western’s brands, making it easier for guests to recognize the different hotel brands and travel experiences Best Western offers and encourage consideration for customers that may not have stayed at a Best Western hotel recently,” MacDonell said. “They provide a contemporary, modern look for the Best Western brand and signal the investments the properties and brand have made to improve and modernize its hotels, ensuring its hotels are relevant to today’s traveler.”

What’s more, Best Western Rewards (BWR) loyalty program members will see a refreshed look for the Best Western Rewards logo and Best Western hotels starting in 2016. With hotels in more than 100 countries, Best Western will continue to make it easy for members to earn points that can be redeemed for a multitude of exciting rewards, including: global free room nights with no blackout dates, Best Western Travel Cards, gifts cards for dining, shopping and entertainment, gas cards, airline/partner rewards, and much more.  

BWR member account numbers will not change as a result of the logo refresh and, therefore, new cards will not be issued. However, new virtual membership cards will be available for iPhone and Android users. Additionally, members can check their account balances and redeem awards at any time, from any device. Replacement cards will be mailed to members at any time upon request.

“Over the past two years, Best Western has been working closely with leading design and research firms while examining thousands of possible logos,” MacDonell said. “We received feedback from travelers, travel buyers, partners, Best Western Rewards® members, and Best Western’s global hotel owners during the process. The challenge of rebranding a global company with diverse products in more than 100 countries required diligence and a thoughtful approach to a variety of considerations including, but not limited to, signage, consumer expectations, and the changing digital landscape.”

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