Best Buy Begins to Reopen with In-Store Consultations

Some Best Buy locations are now allowing customers to schedule a time to meet with a dedicated employee about technology needs, the purchase of a kitchen appliance, and more as some retailers around the United States begin to reopen. This service will start in about 200 stores in the United States. Due to each appointment having a dedicated associate, there will be a limited number of customers in the building at any one time, allowing social distancing measures to stay in place.
“Early on, we closed the inside of our stores to shoppers and moved to a curbside pickup model for customer and employee safety,” Best Buy said on their website. “This works well when purchasing many items. But some purchases, like large appliances or networking equipment, are often made easier with in-person store visits and a conversation with an expert to answer detailed questions.”
Best Buy has outlined multiple ways it is working to ensure a safe environment for customers and employees, including:

  • Mandatory protective gear for all employees, including gloves and masks, which will be provided by Best Buy
  • Mandatory self-health checks by employees before each shift using a new employee app developed by Best Buy
  • Social distancing guidelines, outlined by signage and enforced by employees, to ensure the appropriate distance between employees and customers
  • Sanitization of areas and surfaces in the store before and after each appointment.”
Best Buy has said that customers will still be able to purchase items from their website, through the app or on the phone and have them delivered or picked up with contactless curbside service.
Additionally, Best Buy has also detailed what an in-store consultation looks like on their website, step-by-step:
  • Create an appointment: Customers can schedule appointments by phone, online, through the Best Buy app, or via live chat.
  • Confirmation and pre-call: Customers will get confirmation of their visit, along with reminders via text and email. An employee will call the customer before their visit to go over the process, explain safety measures, and get more information about their shopping needs.
  • Entering the store: When it is time for the appointment to start, the customer will be notified to go to the store entrance and check-in. A host will go over the consultation and safety process and introduce the customer to their Blue Shirt or Agent. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for shopping carts will be available, and employees will wear face coverings and gloves.
  • Shopping: The customer and Blue Shirt or Agent will shop together, following social distancing and safety guidelines. Signs and floor stickers will provide navigation and guidance on safety. For product demos, the employee will wipe the product, let the customer handle it and then wipe it down when the customer is done. Employees will clean surfaces as needed throughout the appointment. 
  • Completing the sale: When a customer decides to buy an item, they will be taken to the front registers, where distancing guidelines will be followed and there will be sneeze guards. If using a credit card, the machine and screen will be wiped before and after each use.
  • Leaving the store: When the purchase is finished, an employee will escort the customer out of the store. 

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