Bealls Inc has announced a partnership with Zebra Inc to integrate their mobile technology across all of its Bealls Stores, Bealls Outlet, and Burkes Outlet Locations.
Bealls has armed associates across of their locations with TC51 touch computers, devices designed to improve productivity, enrich omnichannel fulfillment and enhance the customer experience.
“Zebra's TC51 touch computer plays an important role in our stores, both for our associates and for our customers,” said John Greene, Director of Solution Delivery for Store Systems at Bealls.
“As customer expectations change, we have to adapt and exceed their demands for a great experience online and in the store. The TC51 helped us do that by arming our associates with leading technology to interact more efficiently and effectively with customers in the store while enabling our omnichannel strategy."
The devices are meant to serve as an improvement to previous legacy devices that featured poor visual displays and unreliable functionality.
The TC51 touch computer system and mobile printer runs on an Android operating system, making the process seamless for employees.  The devices enable users to fulfill online orders with store inventory, conduct more accurate and speedy price markdowns, and assist shoppers on the sales floor.
Since adding the system, Bealls now makes markdowns 25 percent to 35 percent faster, which has freed up associates to be more productive and spend more time with customers on the floor.
“The TC51 touch computer increases the productivity of Bealls’ retail associates, giving them more time to spend with customers in store while also enabling omnichannel fulfillment,” said Pat Glennon, Vice President, Zebra Retail Sales.
“Zebra has helped enable many of the world’s leading retailers to provide a great in-store experience to customers, which is critically important in the rapidly changing retail environment.”
Bealls currently operates in more than 530 in 16 different states.

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