Bayer Animal Health has announced it is making a $100,000 donation to help domestic violence shelters and programs during the COVID-19 outbreak. While stay-at-home orders have been in effect, some people might not feel safe at their home, and that’s where shelters come in. Organizations can apply for some of the funding through the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
“No one should have to choose between their safety and their pet,” said Lauren Dorsch, Deputy Director, Communications, Bayer Animal Health U.S., in a Bayer press release. “We know that there are new difficulties and complexities in assisting survivors during this pandemic. Our hope is that this funding will help domestic violence shelters fill that gap that exists for families escaping domestic violence with their pets.”
This program is available to 501 (c)(3) domestic violence shelters with an on-site pet facility or domestic violence shelters that may need funding to accommodate pets in the interim. The deadline to apply for funding is Wednesday, May 27, 2020, with more information provided here.
“Home is oftentimes a dangerous place for survivors of domestic violence, and COVID-19 exacerbates the circumstances, due to the abusers’ ability to further control,” said Ruth Glenn, president, and CEO of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence in the same news release. “Victims often have to consider not only their own safety but the safety of their pets. They might not seek (or be able to seek) safety because they are also fearful their pet may be harmed or even killed by the abusive person if left behind. With assistance from Bayer, shelters will now have the resources to help families who find a way to leave with their pets, ranging from housing fees to accommodate pets to veterinary bills and pet food.”
Alongside the brand donating to help domestic violence victims, Bayer has also donated one million over-the-counter products and multivitamins to those in need in the United States. These donations were delivered directly to Americans who couldn’t quickly get them thanks to partnerships with Direct Relief and Feeding America.
“Enabling access to health, for everyone, is a core value at Bayer,” said Patrick Lockwood-Taylor, Regional President, Bayer’s Consumer Health Division, North America on the company’s website. “Having the right self-care solutions at home is increasingly important as is managing the demands on our healthcare system. We need to ensure all our consumers have this access, so, we’ve created ways, with our partners, to get our products to at-risk communities so they can try to stay healthy and shelter at home.”

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