Brands are increasingly using interactive barcodes in their marketing efforts to bolster consumer interaction and improve existing campaign elements. Universal Pictures, athletic shoe company Brooks and men’s body spray Axe have recently used the technology to drive consumer engagement.

“We live in a content-driven world. People have zero patience in getting the information they want,” said Sandra Crawford Williamson, CMO of SuperMedia, a small business marketing and interactive shop, which will incorporate quick response (QR) codes into Verizon SuperYellow Pages and Frontier SuperPages directories this fall. “This really makes it a one-step scan to find out everything you need.”

Universal Pictures is using a QR code, generated by the Kaywa QR Reader, on movie posters promoting the film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which will debut in theaters August 13. The code lets consumers download the movie’s trailer.

“You’re starting to see those codes used as rich media —  or even extensions — to campaigns,” said Doug Neil, SVP of digital marketing at Universal Pictures.

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