In our careers as consumers, we've all encountered employees from time to time who display a shocking lack of manners, aggressive ignorance of what their company sells, or a toxic attitude that suggests we're seen as an enemy rather than a customer. 

"How in the world did this person get this job?" we might ask as we hang up the phone or flee the store. "And how in the world is this person allowed to keep this job?"

One of the great parts of the social media revolution is the impact it's having on these sorts of employees and the experiences they create for customers. In the past, we might walk away from our encounters with them with a story to share with a few of our friends. Today, we have the ability to broadcast the story to the entire world, and it can be heard by anyone who does a Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) search for a business' name. The customer controls the conversation, and that conversation can deliver a pretty nasty payback.

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