LA PORTE, Ind., Aug. 16, 2011—Awards Network reports that in the past year, the number of its sales and loyalty programs has more than doubled. Companies looking for a solution to increasing sales and loyalty are turning to online incentive programs featuring brand name merchandise.

“Our clients are coming to us with a need to increase sales in a struggling economy,” says Andi Baruffi, Manager of Business Development at Awards Network. Baruffi explains, “Our account management teams apply their knowledge of what works with sales incentive and loyalty programs in order to maximize the potential for our clients while ensuring a positive ROI.”

Manufacturers of luxury or high-end goods and retailers are searching for a cost-effective way to increase sales and brand loyalty without spending a fortune. Awards Network offers these clients a complete incentive solution for a small, onetime set up fee and no ongoing or reoccurring charges. Participants of the incentive program are able to accrue points and spend them on rewards ranging from around twenty dollars up to four thousand dollars.

The goals of these employee incentive programs include completing product training, competing in sales contests and increasing sales on both a team and individual level. By rewarding people for achieving these sales goals, organizations can encourage sales people to become more familiar with the brand and increase their brand loyalty.

Baruffi acknowledges, “These reward programs are a single solution for increasing both loyalty and sales. Companies develop criteria to boost brand awareness and product knowledge along with providing incentives for selling products and accessories.”

Awards Network points out that all of the sales and loyalty programs set up in the past year have been online with some print and electronic communications. “The incentive program is set up so that all of the company’s product information, quizzes, product and testimonial videos and newsletters are housed in one space along with the award catalog and personal account information for each sales person,” states Baruffi.  “We then use emails, posters, flyers and other media to help get the word out about the incentive program and entice people to sign up for an account and start earning rewards.”

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About Awards Network:

Awards Network has been producing bottom-line impact results for America’s finest organizations with employee recognition programs, incentive programs, safety awards and employee engagement solutions for more than 55 years. We have shared our experiences with a wide variety of clients in numerous industries, each with a different challenge and unique goal.  Awards Network will help design, implement and maintain an award program built to engage, improve performance and achieve any organization’s goals. Featuring name brand merchandise and travel selections, Awards Network lets the recipient select the gift of their choice.

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