Avis Customer EngagementThe road to success is rarely smooth, or even straight. It can come with failure and it can come with defeat. But success also comes with strength, perseverance, and, most of all, the passion to continue with determination and drive. Many of the most accomplished individuals have learned these lessons well, and Avis is launching an innovative customer engagement effort that turns the spotlight on seven highly accomplished professionals to celebrate their successes.

Something drives everyone, and Avis is betting that by sharing the encouraging stories of these influential professionals, consumers will be inspired to drive Avis.

This new customer engagement campaign called “What Drives You” will show how they got their starts, their steps to success, and where their journeys continue to lead.

“We wanted to discover the personal stories behind the success of unique, innovative professionals and have them tell their stories in their own words,” said Jeannine Haas, chief marketing officer of the North American division of Avis Budget Group. “This campaign shows that, like them, Avis believes how far you go in life is a matter of what drives you.”

The collection of highly produced short cinematic segments feature the moving and enlightening success stories of Blake Mycoskie, founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS, Alexis Maybank and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, cofounders of GILT, and Anthony E. Zuiker, the creator and Executive Producer of the CSI television series, among others. The videos can be found on the Avis website and on YouTube.

As more brands seek new ways to capture the fragmented attention spans of increasingly diverse audience segments, “What Drives You” is Avis’ latest effort to build upon the success of its 2013 award-winning integrated customer engagement campaign called “The Professionals.”

“Our campaign is a cutting-edge approach to advertising and brand-building that is right at the forefront of how leading companies are communicating with their customers today,” said Haas. “It is truly a social campaign that leverages the committed social following of our featured professionals, invites our audience in, drives them to engage with us, and book an Avis car directly on our channels.”

Alongside the seven cinematic shorts, “What Drives You” also includes a 30-second television commercial featuring TOMS’ Mycoskie, an expansive social media campaign, and an exclusive Facebook sweepstakes. In addition to a host of GILT and TOMS merchandise and store credit, this contest will give customers the chance to win a new BMW and professional mentorships with Mycoskie, Maybank and Wilson. 

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