Aramark Opens More than 100 Pop-Up Stores to Support Frontline Workers

Aramark has announced it is continuing its work to help and support frontline workers by opening on-site pop-up grocery stores at healthcare facilities across the United States. These pop-up stores, 100 of them will be opened and will be a place for doctors, nurses, and hospital staff to get the items they need on their way home from work.  
“We are thankful for the dedicated frontline healthcare providers, who day-in and day-out treat and care for patients during this pandemic,” said Jeff Gilliam, President of Aramark’s Healthcare division. “Creating these pop-up grocery stores is our way of providing a small convenience for them to procure essential items they need.”
Some available items at these pop-up stores will be a variety of fresh-baked goods, bread, milk, eggs, non-perishable items, paper towels, health, and beauty aids, as well as some other items. The brand has also added multiple different services to help social distancing measures and safety.

  • Offering take-home meals (which can be easily assembled)
  • Pre-packaged meals (grab and go meals as well as snacks)
  • Re-imagined hot bars, salad bars, and micro-markets
  • Offering produce market box programs
“From the start of COVID-19, our teams have worked with our partners and vendors to provide our employees, clients, and consumers with the information and resources they need,” The brand said on their website. “We have already seen that our services have made an impact for employees, clients, and consumers. Through food donation programs, elevated cleaning, building automation, and indoor air quality services and innovative meal delivery solutions we are creating safer and healthier environments. Aramark is prepared to support our employees, clients, and consumers for an uncertain future.”
The brand has also announced multiple ways it is trying to make its stores safer for both customers and staff, and the methods are all a part of Aramark’s new Eversafe plan. The full details can be found here, but the five main pillars of this plan include:
  • Embedding new health and hygiene practices to support both the employees and staff
  • Creating better social distancing measures into operations with visual cues and physical alterations
  • New and enhanced cleaning, sanitation, and disinfecting procedures. This includes new processes, equipment, cleaning assessments, as well as a careful look at high-touch areas
  • Adding available and emerging technology (like artificial intelligence) to help the safety of both staff and customers
  • Introducing new services and capabilities to help better customer dining and facilities

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