TORONTO, Sept. 27—Angoss Software Corporation (TSX-V: ANC), a     provider of predictive analytics systems and The Futura Loyalty Group     Inc. (TSX-V: FUT), a provider of customer loyalty and rewards solutions     and authorized agent for Aeroplan, today announced their agreement to     offer a comprehensive package of customer loyalty, consumer insights and     integrated marketing solutions, combining the technology capabilities     and implementation expertise of both organizations.

The solution bundles the Futura Rewards® customer loyalty, rewards and     offer management capabilities with Angoss’ Intellimaxx™ integrated     marketing and consumer insight solution.  Intellimaxx includes a     Canadian consumer insights database for market planning and customer     prospecting, customer segmentation and predictive analytics engine, and     a comprehensive suite of online, email and mobile marketing capabilities     enabling marketers to interact with customers and prospects. Also     offered are real time measurement tools for analyzing and optimizing     campaign effectiveness.

Reflecting Canada’s position as the #1 loyalty market in the world, this     offering is designed to help a broader array of Canadian retailers     successfully launch, manage and measure the effectiveness of their     customer and prospect reward/marketing programs, helping them accelerate     new customer acquisition and capture a higher share of consumer spend,    while lowering costs.

The joint offering will be marketed by Futura and Angoss, targeting     Canadian mid-market retailers. The solution enables retailers to both     create new programs and enhance existing programs to extend their     capability and lower administrative time and costs.  The offering will     be rolled out more broadly to other market sectors over the next 12     months.

“This joint solution provides incremental value to both Angoss and     Futura’s current client bases by integrating several key components in     their customer relationship cycle” said Mark Farrell, President and CEO     of Futura.  “It provides a great opportunity for us to add value to our     client base with additional tools in data, analytics and marketing     execution and for Angoss to do the same in extending their Intellimaxx     platform capabilities into loyalty and rewards management.”

“We are pleased to be working with the Futura team to bring this unique     and comprehensive set of capabilities to the Canadian retail market”    commented Angoss President Eric Apps.  “Futura’s advanced loyalty and     rewards technology and its depth of experience in the successful design,    launch and management of rewards programs align well with our     comprehensive suite of analytical and campaign tools.  Retailers will be     able to access the system “on demand” while migrating to more efficient     digital marketing channels and reducing spending on largely unmeasurable     traditional media tactics.

In addition to its unique depth and breadth of features, the solution     offers an innovative subscription-based delivery model, compelling     deployment costs, and other performance-based features designed to help     marketers leverage advanced capabilities at lower cost and with high     transparency and measurement of results.  It includes:

  1. The robust Futura Loyalty rewards platform, supporting private label       and branded currency programs, including Aeroplan and Futura Rewards;
  2. Unlimited access to the Intellimaxx Canadian Consumer Insights       database for market planning and prospecting;
  3. Unlimited email volume and support for ongoing communications to       customers and prospects;
  4. Unlimited access to the Angoss predictive analytics engine for       segmentation and targeting;
  5. A fully hosted system with self-service or managed-service support       options
  6. All system hardware, software, maintenance and support

The two companies have begun joint presentations to clients and     prospects and hope to broaden deployment to customers and prospects     moving into fiscal 2011.  The offering will be officially introduced at     the Canadian Marketing Association Direct Marketing Conference in     Toronto, September 29, 2010. 

About Futura Loyalty Group

The Futura Loyalty Group Inc. is an industry-leading provider of     integrated and stand-alone loyalty solutions for Canadian businesses.     The company offers a suite of loyalty products and services including     access to two different coalition loyalty programs, Aeroplan and Futura     Rewards. Futura also develops custom programs for companies wishing to     develop proprietary loyalty solutions.  Futura’s loyalty services     include member account set up, management and reward redemption     platform, a web-based program transaction reporting interface for     merchants, a robust offer management system, retail POS Integration for     card swipe issuance and a proprietary web based issuance solution.  For     more information regarding Futura Loyalty Group, visit

About Angoss Software Corporation

Angoss offers clients access to the Intellimaxx consumer insights and     digital marketing system.  Intellimaxx includes consumer prospecting and     market planning capabilities, a robust customer preferences management     and digital communication environment for web, email and mobile campaign     deployment, and predictive analysis engine helping marketers better     target and interact with consumers based on their behaviors and     preferences.  Intellimaxx has helped marketers at Sirius Satellite     Radio, Rogers Communications, Black’s Photography, The Source, Shoppers     Drug Mart and other major retailers understand their customers, incent     profitable customer behavior, execute marketing initiatives and measure     marketing performance.  For more information on Intellimaxx, visit     For more information on Angoss, visit

This press release contains statements of a forward-looking     nature. These statements are made under the “safe harbor” provisions of     the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The accuracy     of these statements may be impacted by a number of business risks and     uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from     those projected or anticipated, including: the risk that the sale of our     products and services involves a long sales cycle; the risk that the     economic environment and business conditions will remain difficult to     predict; the risk of competition in our target markets;   the risk that     we may not respond adequately to evolving technologies; the risk that we     or our customers may have difficulties in introducing our products or     services; the risk that we will encounter difficulties in continuing to     offer services; the risk that we will encounter difficulties in     integrating the operations of acquired companies with our own; the risks     of conducting our operations in a variety of international locations;    the risk that we may need to record future write-downs of assets arising     from our investments in other companies; the risks relating to the costs     that we may incur as a result of litigation against us; and  other risks     described in our filings with securities regulatory authorities,    including our annual reports, interim financial statements and similar     disclosure documents.  Angoss Software Corporation does not undertake     any obligation to update this forward-looking information after the date     of its initial publication, except as required under applicable law.    Sapien Information Services Corporation is not affiliated with Sapien     Canada Inc. of Toronto, Ontario or Sapient Corporation of Boston,    Massachusetts.

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