Ally: Finalist Preview in Social, Community, and Customer Advocacy Category

Jacqueline Howard speaks about being a finalist for the 2021 Loyalty360 Awards in the Social, Community, and Customer Advocacy category that will be given during Loyalty Expo in October.

Ally is a leading digital financial-services company, with passionate customer service and innovative financial solutions. They are relentlessly focused on "Doing It Right" and being a trusted financial-services provider to our consumer, commercial, and corporate customers.

Howard spoke with Loyalty360 CEO Mark Johnson about the Social, Community, and Customer Advocacy campaign:

The Financial and Social Inclusion (FSI) program had long been in the works, but the global movement for social justice and calls to action from within their own team spurred a new level of urgency. An FSI team was formed to explore how Ally could further advance actions that counter prejudice and promote equity to build a future where differences are recognized, valued and celebrated. Its goal was to create a framework and a guide against which to measure all of our diversity and inclusion programs. The four pillars of Ally’s FSI strategy were carefully selected to ensure our efforts have a truly meaningful, lasting impact.

  • Community: Further social justice and address disparate systems and policies through an intentional approach to Ally’s philanthropy, volunteerism and board service, as well as CRA initiatives including loans, investments and partnerships.

  • Employees: Increase representation and retention of Black and Brown employees at professional, managerial and executive levels through intentional programming and support.

  • Customers: Enable financial and social inclusion through our culture of customer obsession, developing education and/or solutions to strengthen economic mobility for all.

  • Suppliers: Actively promote ways diverse businesses can engage and succeed within the Ally Supply Chain.

The Ally Stock Market Investing Challenge was the result of our FSI work for Ally Invest.
To learn more about the Loyalty360 Awards and the Loyalty360 Expo, please visit HERE.

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