Ally: Finalist Preview in Program Partnership Category

Ally’s Selim Ayyildiz and Beth Woodruff spoke about being a finalist for the 2021 Loyalty360 Awards in the Program Partnership category that will be given during Loyalty Expo in October.

Ally is a leading digital financial-services company, with passionate customer service and innovative financial solutions. They are relentlessly focused on "Doing It Right" and being a trusted financial-services provider to our consumer, commercial, and corporate customers.

Ayyildiz and Woodruff spoke with Loyalty360 CEO Mark Johnson about a few of the partnerships:
CAMP is a Family Experience Company that creates enriching moments for families everywhere. In stores, communities and online, CAMP offers magical experiences that blend play with product. CAMP creates unique programming and activities for kids of all ages and their families. Built to engage and inspire, CAMP exists to answer the question of “What should we do today? To celebrate Financial Literacy Month, Ally and CAMP teamed up to launch “Your Store,” a FREE one-day-only ticketed event where we shut down all five Camp locations and let kids run things their way for the day.

To recognize International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, Ally teamed up with Katie Couric Media to launch the Daring to Disrupt content series. The campaign was created to showcase the stories of empowered, diverse women challenging the status quo of their industries. Topics ranging from motherhood to representation in fashion were covered in the 8-part video and article series.

To learn more about the Loyalty360 Awards and the Loyalty360 Expo, please visit HERE.

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