Flytxt, a data analytics company, has announced the launch of Robo-X, an artificial intelligence platform for intelligent customer engagement. Robo-X is said to harness machine learning to produce better marketing outcomes and is designed to help marketers identify new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, discover insightful patterns, advise on offers and campaigns, and assess performance.
“We built Robo-X as an AI companion for marketers,” said Prateek Kapadia, CITO of Flytxt. It is intended “to force multiply the marketer’s speed and efficiency as well as the discovery of new opportunities to influence customer behavior. Robo-X was built to maximize the value of each customer interaction.”
The AI platform uses machine learning algorithms to study consumers, products, offers, channels, and how the competitive environment impacts business outcomes. Its automated decision-making power increases the agility and scale of marketing, enabling even a less experienced marketer to become effective in improving customer engagement. It does this, according to Kapadia, by “discovering important relations between customer contexts and customer behavior trends and making marketing decisions.”  It can, for example, use the data it has collected to suggest which demographics to target, which geographies to make the offer in, and even what kind of offers to make.
Robo-X enables marketers to create personalized customer interactions with precision and scale and features several useful tools, including Campaign Construction, Live Campaign Optimization, Automated Performance Guidance, and Machine Learned Personalization. These tools help marketers construct campaigns that can improve revenue, observe and benchmark those campaigns to prescribe corrective actions, rate the performance of each campaign against the others, and create personalized interactions to maximize positive response
Robo-X is available as an add-on module to the company’s flagship product NEON-dX, which is said to deliver two to seven percent uplift on net revenue for clients. NEON-dX enables brands to learn individual customer behavior and use associated data to create campaigns. This product “packages analytics, artificial intelligence, and marketing automation into one ‘out-of-the-box’ solution,” according to Kapadia. “It has multiple applications for increasing revenue, reducing churn, and improving customer experience.”
Vinod Vasudevan, CEO of Flytxt, said Robo-X is an example of the capabilities coming out of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The powerful union of data analytics, AI, and machine learning is influencing so many personal and professional aspects, he said. The platform seems to indicate the direction in which technology surrounding customer loyalty and engagement data is headed.

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