Restaurants across the world are going digital to keep up with industry-needed CX initiatives. Consumers, after numerous non-food purchases online and on apps, have become accustomed to the convenience of digital ordering. However, going digital means that restaurant brands need to properly employ technology solutions.
A small number of restaurants handle tech internally, designing all their digital experiences in house. Jersey Mike’s is an example. Most restaurants, however, rely on partnerships to stay competitive and offer consumers the best possible digital experience.
Agilence, which specializes in vertical business intelligence for restaurant operators, has announced a partnership with Omnivore, provider of the universal POS, API, and digital marketplace that helps to optimize the digital restaurant experience. The Agilence 20/20 Data Analytics platform is now integrated with the Omnivore API, giving more restaurant operators access to advanced analytics regardless of their POS system of choice. This new partnership is intended to decrease integration times, leading to a greater impact on results and a faster ROI.
“We are very excited to be partnering with Omnivore,” says Raoul Ricard, VP of Strategy & Business Development at Agilence. “Their expertise in integrating various restaurant systems and ours in data analytics will help provide actionable insights for any restaurant with the goal of growing and providing customers with the best experience.”
“We’re thrilled to be partnered with Agilence and have them as part of the Omnivore Marketplace,” says Shane Wheatland, CMO at Omnivore. “As restaurants continue to leverage multiple third-party technologies to improve traffic, average check, and expenses, we feel it is critical to have state of the art analytic options that measure progress and turn data into actionable insights. Agilence certainly enables restaurants to gauge the impact and performance of their strategies, and does so quickly and intuitively. It’s a critical element of a restaurant’s digital stack, and ensures a clear line of sight into overall performance.”
The 20/20 Data Analytics integration with Omnivore’s API, and Agilence’s availability in the Omnivore Marketplace, will enable restaurant operators to gain insight into their performance metrics and customer experience. By bringing all the data and analytics into one hub, Omnivore and Agilence help turn insights into action and enable restaurants to increase profits, improve operational efficiency, and optimize sales.

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