Affinion Insurance Solutions Targets Stronger Customer Engagement and Increased Brand Loyalty

Andrea Heger, group vice president of client and broker management, Affinion Insurance Solutions, told Loyalty360 that the company’s goal is to develop consumer-centric programs for financial institutions that strengthen consumer engagement, increase brand loyalty, and generate a predictable and sustainable source of non-interest income.

Affinion Insurance Solutions, a service of Affinion Benefits Group, recently launched a transformed digital marketing solution for credit union clients and their online members. The digital solution delivers a 24/7 online insurance experience that seamlessly integrates into the current direct mail channel.

Affinion’s digital strategy features websites that showcase each credit union’s brand to generate loyalty and engagement while increasing response and revenue. The websites are easy to navigate and ADA-compliant. They deliver a user experience that allows members to make informed choices, enroll easily, and access post-enrollment services quickly. Affinion works closely with clients to ensure seamless member journeys and brand consistent marketing campaigns.

Heger talked to Loyalty360 about the company’s new solution.

Can you talk about the digital marketing solution Affinion Insurance Solutions launched and why you think it is unique and sparks customer loyalty and engagement?
Heger: According to The Financial Brand, more than 173 million consumers are currently using digital financial solutions in the U.S. Millennials and Gen Xers account for nearly 72 percent of those users. Consumers want user-friendly insurance solutions to help provide financial protection for their families. At Affinion Insurance Solutions, our goal is to develop consumer-centric programs for financial institutions that strengthen consumer engagement, increase brand loyalty, and generate a predictable and sustainable source of non-interest income. The digital marketing solution we have built leverages these principles to bring insurance options to consumers in a simple and trusted way. Our analysis shows that Affinion insured consumers stay with their financial institution 59 percent to 79 percent longer than non-insured consumers.  

How have insurance customers changed in recent years and how does this solution solve some of those changes?
Heger: The insurance industry is in the middle of a digital transformation. We are seeing many InsureTech platforms come to the market seeking to bring insurance to users through the multiple channels they desire. Millennials are the biggest driver of change as they were the first generation fully raised online, and they will be the largest adult demographic group in the world by the end of the decade. Couple these two facts together and the digital delivery of financial solutions is critical to engaging tech-savvy users. Insurance marketing companies can’t stand still during this transformation.

What role did customer feedback play in the development of this solution?
Heger: Affinion Insurance Solutions marketing is driven by consumer preferences and expectations across all digital and print campaigns. All our research is based on real-life, real-time campaigns that allow us to hear the voice of the consumer through measurable engagement and response. Our integration of online and physical mail media allows us to create a seamless experience that is user-friendly and consumer-focused: Clear and concise benefit presentation, ease of use and action, and informed, risk-free buy decisions. Our websites are built from this educated vision of what consumers want and how they want to see it. That drives our technology, content, and design. This user-driven approach to digital marketing is a competitive advantage over the industry norm of fitting an interface to existing technology.

Insurance is an industry that seems like it would be difficult to have consistently high engagement levels. How does Affinion view this?
Heger: Consumers purchase insurance for peace of mind and protection, and often after they purchase their policies, they don’t need to engage with a company again until necessary. At the critical point when engagement is necessary, it is vital that their experience is simple and effective to meet that consumer’s needs. 

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