Stamford, CT—For most people, insurance is one of those things that isn’t truly appreciated until it is needed.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies can come across as uncaring and difficult to work with, which can add—figuratively speaking—insult to injury to someone who has been hurt or suffered some type of loss.

A company has received a lot of attention lately for its high quality and fair insurance plans that appeal to a broad range of people. Affinion Group, which is headed up by chief executive officer Nat Lipman, has spent the past 35 years working with businesses, enhancing the traditional relationship companies have with their customers through a vast array of products.

Affinion Group provides products and services across a range of area including insurance services that are meant to protect their customers and their families during times of crisis, not cause them further stress.

“There is no substitution for the loss of a loved one and no amount of compensation can ever truly make up for mistakes made by hospitals or doctors, but Affinion Group believes that people should have the right to affordable insurance just in case an accidental situation arises,” the website explained.

“They offer a full range of insurance options designed to meet the needs of different customers, helping businesses make additional revenue all while providing a sense of security to their customers.

 As CEO of Affinion Group, Nat Lipman has been with the company for several years. He and others of the company pride themselves on providing both people and companies the exact type of insurance that they or their employees need.

Some of the types of available insurance plans from Affinion Group are detailed on the website; for example, the AD (accidental death) Silver insurance plan allows customers over the age of 40 to have $1,000 worth of insurance at no cost to them, with the option of purchasing $150,000 in additional insurance.

“While some insurance plans decreases benefits for the elderly, the AD Silver does no such thing,” the website explained. “There are no prerequisites or questions asked; the plan is available to anyone of suitable age.”

About Affinion Group:

Affinion Group is a worldwide leader in insurance and customer loyalty programs ranging from frequent buyer programs to consumer protection programs. Operating for over three decades, it offers a variety of insurance plans that will fit the needs of a wide range of people. Affinion Group is headed up by chief executive officer Nat Lipman. For more information please visit or the Trilegiant Blog

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