Platform features will drive mCommerce business and integrate with existing PC Web content management systems

COLUMBIA, Md., Nov. 30, 2010—Aegis Mobile (,  a national provider of innovative mobile web and compliance solutions,  today announces the launch of “Apollo Mobile,” an advanced mobile content management system (CMS) with multiple features designed to drive mCommerce business through ease of integration and improved customer experience and usability.  

“Today’s leading service and retail providers are planning, executing and investing in their mobile marketing channels in the same way they do any other marketing program. The Apollo Mobile Platform features will define and improve interactions with mobile consumers and drive mCommerce business,” said Rich LaPerch, CEO of Aegis Mobile.

The “Apollo Mobile” platform is available as a standalone CMS or it can be integrated into an existing PC Web CMS system, allowing customers to simultaneously manage their standard web and mobile web presence from one content management system. Apollo’s mCommerce application programming interface (API) will allow customers to seamlessly integrate Apollo platform features with existing eCommerce site engines,  eliminating the need to recreate the back end infrastructure that allows customers to make purchases from their mobile device.

Additional Apollo Platform features include:

Apollo Store Locator is designed for mCommerce sites and supports both iGPS and aGPS applications used by the major wireless carriers.

Apollo Product Compare allows retailers and shopping sites to offer customers the ability to select and compare multiple products, an already popular function on many standard browser websites.

Apollo Mobile Shopping Cart can be a fully functional standalone product or it can be integrated into an existing eCommerce site engine.

Apollo Social Media Integration integrates the functions of popular social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

Apollo Mobile Multi-Flow customizes the consumer’s purchase path based on their mobile device and its capabilities.  

Apollo PayPal Mobile Integration will link to PayPal’s recently announced plans to support enhanced mobile payment options. This Apollo feature will be available in Q1 2011.  

The Apollo Platform features are designed with the industries that are most rapidly adopting mCommerce in mind. These industries include service/retail,  where consumers can place and pay for orders or purchases while on-the-go, and institutions of higher-education interested in engaging students, alumni and campus communities in sporting events, course registration and other transactional activities.  

The number of consumers who access the Internet using a mobile device is growing rapidly, and mCommerce sales are expected to have grown 100 percent during 2010 to $2.4 billion from $1.2 billion in 2009, according to a research report published by ABI Research earlier this year.  

About Aegis Mobile

Founded in 2006 by CEO Rich LaPerch,  Aegis Mobile is a national provider of mobile and compliance solutions.  Aegis works with businesses to provide them with a persistent mobile presence and with the nation’s largest mobile phone carriers and other members of the mobile content ecosystem to ensure that content, media and specific programs meet all the necessary standards and regulations.  With a set of proprietary tools, Aegis provides industry compliance,  media intelligence, device testing, mobile websites, mCommerce solutions and mobile applications.  


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