LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Aug 11, 2010—Acxiom(R)      Corporation, a recognized leader in marketing     technology and services, has appointed Cameron Thompson as group     managing director of Acxiom’s healthcare practice.

“The healthcare landscape as we know it is changing dramatically,” said     John Meyer, Acxiom chief executive officer. “With government health     reform, the need for health provider efficiency and the shift to more     personalized healthcare, the industry is undergoing a fundamental     transition. Cameron, formerly a senior vice president for Harte-Hanks     Pharmaceuticals/Life Sciences, has more than 22 years’ experience in     developing first-rate healthcare marketing solutions, adding to our     management team’s ability to better serve this market.”

Thompson’s group, which is responsible for all aspects of its expansion,      will leverage Acxiom’s real-time and new channels capabilities for     consumer recognition, analytics, digital and direct marketing strategy,      which enables consumer recognition and engagement across a broad     spectrum of channels.

“Clients come to Acxiom to receive world-class data integration,      enhancement and digital deployment to achieve their business goals.      Whether they are providers, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance     companies or electronic health record providers, it all begins with     understanding the customer,” Thompson said.

“As personalized medicine becomes the norm, customer loyalty, engagement     and retention will be crucial for healthcare companies to compete in     this changing landscape. Acxiom’s healthcare team is competitively     positioned to meet the growing needs of various components of the     healthcare industry with an impressive portfolio of innovative     solutions.”

Target audiences and marketing dollars are shifting for every sector of     the healthcare industry. Acxiom has long been known as a leader at     optimizing customer interactions across all marketing channels and is     now aggressively expanding this expertise and technology to the     healthcare industry for a higher level of success in engaging customer     value segments.

About Acxiom

Acxiom is a recognized leader in marketing technology and services that     enable marketers to successfully manage audiences, personalize consumer     experiences and create profitable customer relationships. Our superior     industry-focused, consultative approach combines consumer data and     analytics, databases, data integration and consulting solutions for     personalized, multichannel marketing strategies. Acxiom leverages over     40 years of experience in data management to deliver high-performance,      highly secure, reliable information management services. Founded in     1969, Acxiom is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, and serves     clients around the world from locations in the United States, Europe,      Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and South America. For more information     about Acxiom, visit

Acxiom is a registered trademark of Acxiom Corporation.

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