Abacus, Asia’s leading provider of travel solutions and services,  unveiled its Next Generation Point-of-Sale (POS) at the 7th Abacus International Conference.

This new agency workspace is customised to meet Asia’s requirements and further extend its existing wide range of capabilities to deliver additional value-added services to support its travel partners’ business growth.

Speaking at the event, Vice President of Marketing Abacus International, Brett Henry, said Abacus is focused on delivering tailor-made solutions designed to meet the complex needs of Asian markets.

“Abacus Next Generation POS is a workspace that provides unprecedented flexibility to put everything agents need right at their fingertips.”

The new desktop workspace operates on a fast, future-ready open platform that offers greater dependability and flexibility to simplify complex operations and allow for faster start-up times. Its new features will both significantly optimise agents’ workflow and increase productivity during reservation and ticketing.

“The enhanced release has the added capability to shop by fares,  flight or total price both in a graphical or emulator mode. In addition, the individualised scripting tool ensures consistent and error-free input, allowing increased agent productivity and improved business efficiencies. Managing customer needs and expectations will become easier with a feature-rich profile system,” added Mr. Henry.

Innovation showcase captures agents’ interest

500 participants from Asia’s most influential travel organisations attending the three-day conference in Ho Chi Minh City will view Abacus’ showcase of mobile, productivity tools and online solutions. Among those predicted to receive the greatest interest are low-cost yet highly-effective solutions that help agents to capture new revenue opportunities in mobile channels, such as Abacus WebStart for mobile, Abacus Mobile, Abacus VirtuallyThere and TripCase.

Mr. Henry continued, “With the increase in mobile usage for travel, we are pleased to offer a range of solutions to travel agents that are more convenient, innovative, reliable and efficient, ahead of the innovation curve to improve the way the travel industry works.”

With increasing productivity a key priority for agents,  participants will also keenly look at Abacus TicketingExpress, Abacus GetThere and Abacus PowerSuite.

“These solutions empower travel agents with the most advanced technology in the industry and enhance travel agents’ performance in terms of efficiency, productivity, customer service and operational costs,” Mr. Henry added.

Abacus WebStart’s Internet booking engine is another low-cost,  highly-effective solution that helps Abacus’ customers to capture new revenue opportunities online.

“As the travel industry continues to move at an accelerated pace, agencies will need to proactively retool their businesses to gain a competitive edge in the market. Abacus solutions will provide them with a good head start,” said Mr. Henry.

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