Solution Helps Association Manage Accreditation Responsibilities and     Member Demographic Research

DULLES, Va.—Vovici, the leading provider of online survey     software and enterprise feedback management (EFM)      solutions, today announced that the American     Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA), the preeminent     organization representing Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists     (CRNAs), is using feedback captured by Vovici to maintain a high level     of standards and gain a deeper understanding of its member base.

Founded in 1931, the AANA represents 42,000 CRNAs and student nurse     anesthetists, or more than 90 percent of the nation’s nurse anesthesia     professionals. The organization uses Vovici to power its annual member     demographic survey and streamline accreditation processes through a more     convenient, online user experience.

“Engaging our members is very important to AANA, as it guides how we     assign priorities and allocate resources,” explained Rebecca Headrick,      AANA training and development specialist. “People all across the     organization study the results of our member surveys throughout the     year. The Vovici solution allows us to get really creative with how we     can analyze the data. With the flexibility of Vovici and a little     imagination, I can get any information I need.”

Alongside AANA, the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia     Educational Programs (COA) uses Vovici to conduct its annual survey of     nurse anesthesia programs. “We were in the process of developing an     internal solution and ran into some challenges,” noted Liza Curiel, COA     Accreditation Operations Specialist. “We turned to Vovici because it was     the only solution that proved it could drive both the COA’s survey of     programs and the AANA’s membership management efforts.” Using the Vovici     solution, the COA team conducts an annual survey of the nation’s 110     accredited nurse anesthetist programs, which graduate over 2,000 new     nurse anesthetists every year. “Vovici surveys have been a huge     benefit,” says Curiel. “By automating the process, we have reduced the     overall workload, and the analysis generated by Vovici enables us to     provide a summary of data for the program administrators and the COA.”

“AANA is one of the longest-standing and most respected healthcare     professional associations, and we are proud to partner with them,” says     Dave Capuano, vice president of marketing for Vovici. “Associations like     AANA are turning to Vovici in growing numbers to stay attuned to member     demographics, manage certification, and establish priorities that align     with the needs of their members.”

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