Safelite AutoGlass® the nation’s leading provider of vehicle glass repair and replacement services, recently appointed Renee Cacchillo as Vice President, Service Delivery.  Cacchillo will focus on the company’s customer experience in order to further propel Safelite AutoGlass® into a world-class service organization. Loyalty 360 had the opportunity to hear from Renee and learn more about her approach and philosophies as they relate to the ultimate Safelite® customer experience. 

Loyalty 360:  What is your customer experience philosophy?

Cacchillo:  Customers are seeking a consistent experience and demand value for what they are purchasing.  That value doesn’t mean low price it simply means the experience, quality and service they receive need to be equivalent for the price that’s being requested.  Customers want to be delighted and we intend to do just that, every day at Safelite.

Loyalty 360:  What are some key trends you are seeing develop in the CEM, engagement and loyalty marketplace?

Cacchillo:  Some of the key trends include integrating the customer experience through all channels and all touch points.  Providing a common view of Safelite to the consumer is critical regardless of their need or product they may be seeking.                                            

Loyalty 360:  What would you like to see evolve in the current marketplace approach to CEM?

Cacchillo:  The role of CEM in organizations today is still evolving.  Connecting insights to operational opportunities is still mostly an art outside of customer feedback and analytics.  Measuring the value of customer’s behavior is still something that’s challenging to do, but worth more than we sometimes realize.

Loyalty 360:  What do you believe is key in creating the ultimate customer experience?

Cacchillo:  The ultimate customer experience is when the customer wants to share their experience with friends and colleagues and they don’t hesitate to recommend or return to Safelite.  Getting the customer scheduled and completing the work is only half of it; wowing them to share their experience and return, that’s loyalty.

Loyalty 360:  What do you appreciate most about the Safelite approach to customer experience?

Cacchillo:  Safelite captures the opportunity to treat every customer like they are their only customer.  When the customer experiences the vehicle glass repair or replacement process they interact one on one with the technician to deliver a solution for that specific issue.  It’s personalized. 

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