When it comes to causes, consumers are still opening their wallets.  That, according to the 2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study. Researchers found that although consumers are still cutting back in many purchasing areas, brands and advertisers who help causes are more likely to cause them to open their wallets.

“When price and quality are equal, we know most consumers will choose the product benefiting the cause,” said Alison DaSilva, Executive Vice President with Cone. “But causes alignment can have an even bigger influence on consumer choice, pushing them to experiment with something different and unfamiliar. Cause branding is a prime opportunity for companies to extend beyond their traditional marketing and increase exposure to potential new consumers.”

Researchers found that:

• 88% of consumers believe it is okay for brands to use causes/issues in their campaigns
• 85% of consumers think more highly of brands associated with causes the consumer cares about
• 80% of consumers may switch brands if one supports a cause and one does not
• 61% say they will try new brands affiliated with causes
• 19% are willing to purchase more expensive brands if that brand is associated with a cause

Not only are consumers allowing cause marketing efforts to influence their personal purchases, but many allow causes or issues to determine where they work (87%) and where they invest (79%).

Read the full article here.

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