7-Eleven Piloting Fuel Loyalty Savings to its 7Rewards Loyalty Program

7-Eleven has announced it is piloting Fuel Loyalty in stores in North and South Orlando, Florida, North Texas, and Woodbridge, Virginia. This program is designed to provide contactless payment options as well as savings at the pump. 7-Eleven is also the first retailer to offer Siri functionality to allow for more frictionless and contactless payment options to eliminate touch from the process. It will enable customers to use voice commands to pay for the gas.
"Adding fuel savings takes the 7Rewards loyalty program to the next level," said 7-Eleven Chief Digital Officer Tarang Sethia in a 7-Eleven press release. "Fuel loyalty offers value with an elevated experience that allows customers to pump, pay, and be on their way all without taking out their wallet! A contactless payment experience and fuel discounts… that's how we give customers power in the driver's seat."
The press release says that customers that use the 7Rewards loyalty program will be able to get a discount of 11 cents per gallon on the first seven fill-ups on all fuel grades, at a limit of 20 gallons per transaction. After those seven transactions, members will receive 3 cents off per gallon on all fuel grades. This discount will automatically be shown on the pump display.

The press release also detailed how someone would be able to access the  fuel loyalty discounts:
  • Customers must be at a participating store and have a verified phone number in their 7Rewards loyalty program account. To activate the experience and discounts before stepping out of the car, merely select—or tell Siri to select—the fuel pump number and the desired fuel amount. To put more even power in the hands of the customer, they can choose the full tank option or pre-select their desired amount of fuel.
  • Not into mobile apps or voice commands? No fear, we have a solution for you, too. Type in your 7Rewards verified phone number at the pump to get the fuel rewards.
Additionally, the brand has outline two ways to pay touchless for these fuel loyalty discounts. The first way is to use Mobile Pay, where the customer uploads their credit or debit card to the brand's app. They will then select their fuel number and preferred fuel amount. To complete it, the customer only needs to authorize the payment through the app.
The other way is through Siri. The customer needs to first create a Siri shortcut on the 7-Eleven app. According to the press release, "On the payment confirmation screen of the fuel loyalty program, customers will be prompted to set up a customized Siri shortcut that they can use at the pump. Once set up, customers won't have to open their app during future visits to get the fuel rewards or pay. Instead, they simply instruct Siri using their new shortcut to select a pump and authorize payment."

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