7 Customer Experience Strategies to Reduce Churn Rate

Avee Mital, Product Marketing Manager at FieldCircle, writes at CustomerThink.com that no one associated with a business is unaware of the importance of high customer satisfaction levels in reducing churn rate. As the customer touchpoints are increasing in today’s time, organizations are facing many challenges in connecting all dots and delivering flawless services to customers. Many companies are not yet ready to take on those challenges, as a result, they are losing loyal customers.

Why does a company lose a customer? According to a report, 14% customers leave a company when they are dissatisfied with the services and 68% customers look for other options when they believe the company does not care about them.

Today, achieving customer satisfaction and assuring customers that your company cares about them demand more exertion and efforts from both employees and the company. Employees and companies must be dealt here with a different approach because while the company may employ a range of techniques to ensure high customer satisfaction levels, a lot is still left in the hands of employees who usually deal in-person with customers.

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