Collecting More Customer Reviews Can Help Drive Brand Loyalty

Customer reviews can play a major role in a loyalty marketer’s long-term engagement initiatives that can, ultimately, lead to brand loyalty. But, for loyalty marketers, making those customer reviews magically appear poses a foreboding task.

A new report from shows that most online shoppers (81 percent) do not write reviews of their purchases, yet many of those same online shoppers say they rely on product reviews when considering a purchase.

The report includes five tips for marketers to attract more online customer reviews:

Submitting Customer Reviews Should Be Simple and Seamless:
To spark customer engagement toward submitting customer reviews, e-commerce retailers can offer a review process to assist customers.

Incentives Can Help:
Given the fact that the survey found that 5 percent of shoppers write reviews when offered an incentive, companies should keep this in mind.

List Company on a Third-Party Website:  
Customer reviews tend to be curated by companies, so e-commerce websites that collect reviews on multiple channels can produce a clear uptick on their internal processes with social listening and reputation management tools.

What’s more, companies can leverage positive customer reviews to showcase positive customer sentiment related to a variety of products.

Email Marketing Can Elicit Customer Reviews:
Email marketing can elicit positive customer reviews, evidenced by the statistic that 23 percent of online shoppers that wrote online reviews did so after receiving an email.

Timely responses can play a major role and have a significant impact on turning unsatisfied customers into satisfied ones.

Positively Influence Customer Behavior:
Positively influencing customer behavior is a key tenet for any brand for a variety of reasons.

When e-commerce websites seek to collect more customer reviews in a proactive way, offering to fix any problems before requesting a review can yield positive results and brand loyalty.

Although writing customer reviews isn’t a common practice for the masses, e-commerce companies have a major opportunity to positively influence customer behavior in this regard. Making the online customer review process as simple and seamless as possible will afford better engagement and, likely, attract more consumers.

That type of approach can present an enticing arena for consumers to post online reviews, while positively impacting customer behavior.

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