49ers Plan to Extend More Rewards to Loyalty Program Members

Since it launched in June 2014, the San Francisco 49ers loyalty program−Faithful 49 presented by Esurance−has achieved sparkling fan engagement. But, now the 49ers want to extend rewards from the program to allow more members to participate.

Faithful 49 presented by Esurance is a loyalty program that allows members a chance to earn points (which are called “yards”) that can be redeemed for team jerseys, the right to bid on practice-worn jerseys, and a plethora of other items. The program is free to join and members can start to earn yards without spending any money. One of the driving forces behind the Faithful 49 loyalty program is having game tickets available to the most faithful 49ers fans.

This week the 49ers posted the changes on its website in a letter to fans and members of the loyalty program.
Here is the letter that details the changes to the Faithful 49 loyalty program:

“Dear Faithful,

As you may know, two years ago we launched the Faithful 49 Program presented by Esurance – one of the most robust fan programs in professional sports.

Through Faithful 49, we have provided fans with many rewards, including:

Player worn equipment, autographed memorabilia, pregame field passes and VIP passes
Trips to away games in St. Louis and Chicago on 49ers-chartered planes
Thousands of 49ers keepsakes

From the start, Faithful 49’s focus centered on rewarding the top 49 program participants, yet we have countless passionate fans that deserve to be recognized just as much as our top users. Our goal is to improve your experience with the program regardless of whether one engages on Faithful49.com daily or monthly.
As a direct result of fan feedback, we have removed the ranking system and will extend more rewards to members across the program.

For the 2016 season, in place of Red and Gold Status, we will introduce special incentives to be unlocked upon reaching program milestones. This enables fans to earn yards at their own pace, in a non-competitive format.
Increased sweepstake opportunities will be available for every Faithful 49 member. Beginning in 2017, we will deliver Faithful 49 Letterman jackets to qualifying members (details to follow this fall).

What continues to set the Faithful 49 program apart from other loyalty programs is a “no expiration date” feature for yards. Our members may freely earn and save yards until ready to select the prizes and experiences.  

Additional changes moving forward include:

Members receive 20 yards per purchase at Shop49ers.com and the 49ers Team Stores (limit one purchase per member, per week)
Members may use hashtags twice in a seven-day period on Twitter (10 yards per hashtag). The following hashtags to be accepted are: #49ers, #Faithful49, #Esurance and #LevisStadium
For fans outside the San Francisco Bay Area, we are developing ways to earn yards throughout the season. Stay tuned!

We welcome new and returning users to check out the improved Faithful 49 presented by Esurance at Faithful49.com. We are continuously working to reward our fans through the most engaging loyalty program in sports.

Should you have any questions regarding the program updates, feel free to contact us at support@faithful49.com.

Faithfully Yours,
The Faithful 49 Team 
San Francisco 49ers”

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