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Profit-Sharing and Data Collection

California Gov. Gavin Newsom wants consumers to benefit from the billions of dollars technology companies in the state made by forcing those...

W. Capra Discusses Technology Adoption
Customer Retention with W. Capra Consulting

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The Challenges of Being a Marketing Professional

Being a marketer often feels like living in a Holiday Inn Express commercial.  An employee you’ve never seen before walks up to...

Does Your App Accept the New Consumer Currency – Data?
Should Your Organization Find a Loyalty Partner?
The Loyalty Sweet Spot

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11 New Members Join the Association for Customer Loyalty

Nineteen total companies begin or renew their partnership with Loyalty360 Loyalty360, the association for customer loyalty, is pleased to announce...

W. Capra Consulting Group

The W. Capra Consulting Group is a professional services firm focused on developing and implementing strategic solutions for omni-channel retailers. We are proud of our heritage in assisting both merchants and solution providers by utilizing our unparalleled expertise in strategy, implementation and enhancement of loyalty programs, CRM...

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