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Christina Rehklau


Goodwill’s Impressive Customer Experience Re-Design Boosts Sales

  • February 09 2016
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Over the past several weeks, Goodwill of the Olympics and Rainier Region unveiled new retail stores that are delighting shoppers and improving sales. The effort to modernize up to thirty existing stores includes a new floor layout for Goodwill...Read More

The Black Box of B2B Content Marketing

  • January 22 2016
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Content marketing has officially turned the corner from trend to cornerstone of an effective marketing strategy. Most companies are doing some form of content marketing. Unfortunately without a clear view of what you are trying to accomplish and...Read More

Re-tuning the B2B Sales Role for 2016 and Beyond

  • January 06 2016
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Buyers today are informed, digitally savvy and squarely in the driver’s seat in terms of how and when they want to talk to sales. As we illustrated in The Death of the Sales Funnel Infographic, the game has changed.  If...Read More

Top 5 Reasons You Need to Implement Sales Enablement in 2016

  • December 16 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

The Aberdeen Group recently released a report on Why Sales Enablement is a Must Have. Aberdeen’s research discovered that 60% of best-in-class organizations have a formal competency to ensure that marketing has extensive visibility into...Read More

Improving the Retail Customer Experience for Haute Couture Collaborations

  • December 11 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Fast fashion retailer H&M recently launched its latest haute couture collaboration with French design house Balmain. Within minutes of the launch, the line sold out both online and in stores, leaving hordes of frustrated and...Read More

The Modern Marketing Reality – Marketing Starts with a Quota [Infographic]

  • December 04 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

A few weeks ago we talked about the Death of the Sales Funnel with buyers calling the shots for how, where and when they want to talk to sales. The flip side of the coin is the transformation of marketing and their role in the buyer...Read More

A Market of One: Account-Based Marketing (ABM) in B2B

  • November 20 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Megan Heuer, VP at SiriusDecisions said, “If you believe ABM success is measured only in lead volume… think again. ABM is about influence.”  B2B decision-making is a group sport.  In fact, enterprise purchase...Read More

It’s About Time Marketing Takes a Quota

  • November 12 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Yep.  That’s right.  It’s time marketing takes a quota. I’m not talking about moving everyone to comp plans.  I’m talking about committing to a quota for delivering marketing qualified, sales-ready leads...Read More

Wine Marketing: How Emotion Drives Customer Loyalty

  • October 20 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

It’s a magical time of year for Washington wine. Wineries across Washington State are wrapping up on one of the earliest and hottest harvests in history, which means the 2015 vintage is likely to be a spectacular one. The longer growing...Read More

Integrated Customer Loyalty: Organizing for Customer-Centricity

  • October 15 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

This article is the fourth of a year-long Lenati series titled “Way of the Future: An Integrated Approach to Loyalty Strategies.” For context and additional reading, see the first, second, and third articles of the series on Loyalty360...Read More

The Connection Between Culture and CX Strategy

  • October 09 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

One of the questions that Customer Experience (CX) leaders often grapple with is how to build a truly customer-centric culture in their company. Most realize that culture will be key to seeing their CX strategies and initiatives implemented and...Read More

Mapping the Customer Journey: Aligning Brand, Management and Ops Around the Customer

  • October 03 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Customer journey mapping is a technique central to the CX design process.  It leverages customer insights data to develop a compelling visualization of the customer’s entire brand experience. This technique can have several uses...Read More

Home Away From Home: Customer Experience in Hospitality

  • September 30 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Customer Experience is top-of-mind for executives in many industries today.  In the increasingly competitive hospitality industry, where the guest’s experience is front and center, improving and innovating CX is key to meeting customer...Read More

The Death of the Sales Funnel [Infographic]

  • September 25 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

We have been closely following the shift in B2B and B2C sales organizations. It’s not news that sales motions are becoming more complex. However, what’s different now (and continues to evolve) is customer expectations within the buying...Read More

It’s Nothing Personal…Unless it’s Small Business

  • September 21 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

We’ve all heard the old adage “it’s just business,” but to a small business owner, it’s actually so much more. More often than not they’ve invested countless hours caring for, nurturing, squeezing every ounce of...Read More

Customer Journey Mapping: Avoid These 3 Common Pitfalls

  • September 10 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Customer journey mapping, the process of visualizing a brand’s customer experience through the eye of the customer, has become a widely adopted methodology by companies who strive toward customer-centric operations. Customer journey maps...Read More

How The Home Depot Made Mobile Its Most Versatile Tool for B2B Customer Engagement

  • September 07 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Mobile technology has had profound impacts on life and business that were unimaginable a decade ago. I first realized the potential of mobile devices when, in 2008, I moved across the country to Seattle, having never set foot there before. Had I...Read More

Is Plenti a Success in Coalition Loyalty? It Still Depends.

  • September 03 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Back in March, when the news that Plenti – a coalition loyalty program developed by American Express – would be launching in the US, we wondered if this country was finally ready to embrace this concept that has been wildly successful...Read More

High-Performance Engines or Cup Holders – Knowing What Matters Most to Your Customers

  • September 01 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

There’s a business-related urban legend that’s stuck with me all these years and it goes something like this. A high-end sports car manufacturer had just released their latest high performance luxury sports car. All the industry...Read More

Find the Ideal CX with a Customer Journey Map

  • August 28 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

To get from point A to point B you would take a good look at a map that delivers the right level of granularity and holds all the information you need. For example, a beautiful hike in the mountains would require a different map than a long drive...Read More

How Sales Operations Increases Sales Productivity

  • August 20 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

I’ve been following the rise in sales enablement technologies and the latest trends in sales optimization, but yet clients still come to me asking why their sales teams are not more productive than they were before these sales improvements. ...Read More

The Retail Revolution: It’s Not Just About the Customer Experience

  • August 18 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

I’ve been pointing out the trend toward blended physical/digital (“phygital”) retail experiences for several years now. The momentum around this continues to grow as born-online brands like Nasty Gal and Bonobos rush to open...Read More

Red Tape Turnaround: A Government-Customer Experience Love Story

  • August 14 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Call it a fad. Call it a shift in the natural order. But don’t call it sticking with the status quo: Government is reimagining services to improve the customer experience. Although we typically identify “customers” with the...Read More

Integrated Customer Loyalty: New Paradigms of Ease, Simplicity, Speed

  • August 08 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Lenati’s Clay Walton-House is a Featured Panelist and Columnist for Loyalty 360. This article is the second of a year-long series titled “Way of the Future: An Integrated Approach to Loyalty Strategies.” For context and...Read More

The Dangers of Rushing a Business to the Altar

  • August 06 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

A recent article by Lori Wizdo, VP and Principal Analyst for B2B Marketing, Forrester Research is a sobering reminder of what can happen when you “rush a business to the altar” –  prospecting before a lead is properly...Read More

The Economics of Content Marketing: ‘Stock and Flow’

  • August 04 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Five years ago, Robin Sloan wrote a blog post for Snarkmarket exploring the economic terms “Stock” and “Flow” within a modern marketing context. For those who didn’t suffer through an economics degree, imagine stock...Read More

Starbucks: Loyalty Innovation Shatters Customer Expectations of Convenience

  • August 03 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

We continue to hear about improvements and expansions that Starbucks is making within their already best-in-class loyalty program, My Starbucks Rewards. Just in the past few months they have announced partnerships with Spotify, Lyft and, most...Read More

Marco. Polo. Using Predictive Analytics and Marketing Automation to “Catch” Prospects.

  • July 21 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Remember playing Marco Polo in the swimming pool? If you were “it” you had to close your eyes and call out “Marco.” Everyone else had to reply “Polo” making it easier for you to try to catch them.  Being...Read More

Sales Enablement Tools: It’s Time To Invest

  • July 17 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

In the last 5 years sales enablement tools have flooded the market all promising to help sellers more effectively engage with their customers. As seen in this Sales Technology Landscape visual by CedarCone, there are dozens of sales solutions...Read More

Getting The Most From Mobile: Designing Your Best Mobile Customer Experience

  • July 13 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

As mobile becomes the common denominator guiding, informing, and influencing the customer through their journey, the opportunity to increase ROI through mobile is growing exponentially.Yet a great mobile customer experience can seem difficult...Read More

The Case for B2B Customer Experience

  • July 09 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Lenati’s own Martin Mehalchin, Paul Conder and Brian Clark recently had the opportunity to contribute to a Forrester B2B Customer Experience Report, How B2B Companies Make The Case For Customer Experience, published by Forrester Analysts...Read More

How Starbucks Pioneered Mobile and Reaped Rewards

  • June 29 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Today, the customer path to purchase is a complex web of interactions and experiences across digital and physical channels. Mobile is the indispensable common denominator that is guiding, informing and influencing the customer through their...Read More

A Modern Sales Process for Sales Teams in a Customer-Driven Economy

  • June 25 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

There is no secret that having a well-defined sales process will enable you to accelerate your sales cycle. However, what we often find is that most sales processes are developed with little consideration in regards to how customers buy. This...Read More

The Customer Loyalty Battle: Online Travel Agencies vs. Hospitality and Airline Direct

  • June 21 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

With the news earlier this year that Expedia purchased Orbitz coupled with Priceline’s plans to acquire Rocketmiles, online travel agencies (OTAs) are shrinking and changing overnight. Because we work with many clients in hospitality and...Read More

How Close Are Retailers to Personalization?

  • June 18 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Last month I was a guest of personalization vendor Monetate at their customer Summit in Philadelphia. In her CEO keynote, Lucinda Duncalfe introduced a concept she calls the “Five Stages of Personalization.”In essence it’s a...Read More

A Holistic Approach to Customer Measurement

  • June 15 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Lenati’s Clay Walton-House recently published the third article in a year-long series with Loyalty360 focused on an integrated approach to loyalty strategies. His article, “Integrated Loyalty: Holistically Measuring Customer...Read More

A Lenati-Customer Experience Perspective: Coffee Talk with Paul Conder

  • June 12 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Lenati’s Customer Experience Lead, Paul Conder, recently sat down with Calgary-based Anstice Communications for a conversation around customer experience.Paul ConderIn this interview, Paul explains the need for brands to build better...Read More

The Un-satisfaction of Customer Satisfaction Surveys: How Customer Feedback Impacts the Customer Experience

  • June 03 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with your company’s satisfaction surveys? Chances are you are less than satisfied, and you are not the only marketer with these qualms. To boot, it’s not just marketers that are frustrated with...Read More

Can I Get Your Number? Why B2B Marketers Should Tap Mobile Marketing.

  • May 29 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Do you know where your smartphone is right now? Chances are yes.  In fact, you probably just quickly checked your pocket.  Remember the time when you raced out the door, late for work, only to get halfway to the office when you realized...Read More

You’ve Got a Content Marketing Strategy. So What’s Your Plan to Build Content with Purpose?

  • May 20 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Earlier we talked about a shocking statistic from Marketing Profs 2015 Content Marketing Benchmarks indicating that although 83% of Marketers have a content marketing strategy, only 35% have documented it. To me, that’s like wanting to build...Read More

The Next Big Thing in Retail: Revamping the Customer Experience at Checkout

  • May 14 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Changes in point-of-sale technology—both online and in-store—are allowing retailers to shift toward a focus on customer experience at checkout, rather than treating it as a necessary-but-unpleasant transaction.  Checkout may be a...Read More