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Pour Moi Skincare entered the market with a radical idea: What if your skincare needs aren't driven by your skin type, but by the climate you live in? In educating the market on their new approach to skincare, they backed into a perfect opportunity to not only spread their gospel but to learn about their customers, enabling them to deliver personalization off only a few pieces of crucial customer data.

In this webinar, you'll learn:
- Why the education and discovery period is the perfect opportunity to learn about your customers, directly from your customers
- What declared data is and how it complements transactional and behavioral data
- How to activate declared data for hyper-relevant customer messaging


Ulli.jpgUlli Haslacher, President & Co-Founder of Pour Moi Skincare

Ulli Haslacher is the President and Co-Founder of Pour Moi Skincare, the world’s first and only Climate-Smart™ skincare. She brings decades of experience and expertise in the beauty, health, and wellness realm. Established in 2004, Ulli is Founder and also President of Pacific Blue Brands, a boutique consulting firm specializing in “Making Sense Of” strategic alliances and partnerships for marketing and sales in all channels of national and global distribution. The company focuses especially on beauty, health, and wellness brands in both consumer and medical products. Clients include Soniclean, a dental brand on QVC and LIV, Olivia Newton-John’s breast self-exam aid. 

Ben.jpgBen Cockerell, Vice President of Marketing at Jebbit
Ben Cockerell is the Vice President of Marketing for Jebbit, where he leads a team focused on helping brands understand and unlock the marketing potential of marketing powered by first-party data. Prior to joining Jebbit, he was the Global Director of Marketing for Crimson Hexagon, the world’s leading social analytics platform, and previously a Product Marketing Manager for Hootsuite, a social media management platform.