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Xenial offers platforms designed to drive commerce and customer engagement for the restaurant and small retail industries. The platform provides analytics solutions that help clients derive actionable insights and identify loyalty opportunities. It is differentiated by direct, real-time commerce integrations that decrease costs and complexity and that shorten time-to-market.
To figure out the best way to customize its platform to client needs, Xenial meets with its clients to discuss their existing loyalty program structures. In conjunction, Xenial and the client determine how complex the client’s program should be and which solutions the program requires to be successful. Xenial then matches the client with a marketing account representative to ensure that the client always has a point of contact for ideas and questions. The company also measures client data from a variety sources to figure out how to best segment the client’s customers. This enables Xenial to develop personalization, engagement, and experience strategies. From there, Xenial and the client design marketing, program, and campaign tactics that fit the client’s needs.
Xenial also offers analytics solutions based on voice of the customer data. To gather this data, the company aggregates reviews, sentiment, and star ratings from top social media websites, including Google, Superpages, Yelp, OpenTable, and Facebook. In addition, Xenial can give its clients data on how they compare to similar brands regarding program adoption. Data on campaign performance, such as how many emails have been opened or links clicked, is provided as well.
For 20 years, Xenial has offered five point-of-sale systems to improve client experience. The company currently owns 19 percent of the restaurant POS market, with over 135,000 locations nationally. When connected mobile technology was developed, Xenial adapted its platforms to the cloud and designed a simple interface that clients could use without hassles.

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