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Company Type: Customer Engagement Platform, Community, Brand Advocacy and Insights
Core Offering(s): Online communities, peer influencer activation, and custom research insights
Target Industries: CPG, Food/Beverage, Wellness, Beauty/Personal Care, Healthcare, Retail, and B2B/Agency
Key Capabilities:

  • Customizable community building software that creates an online brand community destination
  • Built-in audience segmentation for dynamic personalized consumer engagement, audience insights, and zero-party data collection
  • Robust consumer experience with a personalized community dashboard for each consumer
Founded in 2009, Vesta is an all-in-one community platform that allows brands to build engagement, emotional connections, and ultimately brand loyalty for its clients.
At the core of Vesta’s software platform is the idea that consumers end up building their own positive, personalized experiences because they’re encouraged and inspired to provide data and insights as they interact with the community. This allows companies to retarget with precision, collect zero-party data because customers want to provide it, and keeps customers engaged even when they’re in-between purchases.
Vesta clients can leverage the platform to help drive in-store traffic, create user-generated content, post and syndicate retail reviews, and share content amongst themselves as well as on social media. The brands then have access to the detailed product insights that come from customer content, discussions, and sharing. That leads to the ability to create targeted marketing promotions and awareness campaigns. By integrating all the components of the community platform, brands can perform social sampling while increasing brand education and encouraging participation in brand events.
In addition to creating space to grow brand community and engagement, Vesta also has developed tiered and points redemptions rewards systems to encourage customer loyalty. Customers receive points for engaging in the community and sharing their experiences on social media which can be redeemed for rewards. Vesta can also integrate with other third-party providers such as Yotpo to deliver points for redemption in that platform’s rewards store.
The tight connections with members’ social media allow brands to gain insights from the content being shared and acquire authentic user-generated content that resonates – invaluable assets for brands. Vesta also makes it easy to activate brands’ biggest advocates by automatically segmenting members and offering personalized incentives within segments with higher engagement rates.
Vesta’s backstop and core approach involve human beings rather than AI. A human content management team is employed to engage and support members as part of its brand forums, making members feel as if they’re truly part of a community rather than simply dealing with robots. The same team performs member support and problem-solving and offers consulting to brand clients, making recommendations on strategy and approaches to loyalty and customer experience.
Vesta platform capabilities:
  • Advocacy & Reviews Campaigns
  • One-click Social Media Sharing
  • Surveys and Polls
  • Discussion Boards
  • Promo Quick Offers
  • Rewards and Gamification
  • Integration with Complementary Loyalty, Rewards, CRM, and eCommerce Platforms
Vesta’s main value proposition for brand clients is that marketers can expect ROI to come from increased customer acquisition, higher referral rates through the platform’s focus on turning existing customers into brand advocates, better customer retention through engagement, and better insight into their customer base by encouraging zero-party data that can be accessed through Vesta’s cloud-based analytics.
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About Vesta:
Vesta, formerly known as Social Media Link, is a leading marketing technology company that powers online communities to turn real consumers into brand evangelists-using zero-party data to deliver personalized content and experiences at scale. Since 2009, hundreds of brands from companies like Pfizer, Unilever, Nestle, Reckitt Benckiser and more have partnered with Vesta to activate millions of consumers to drive customer acquisition, long-term loyalty, and 5-10x ROI.

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