Thought Leadership Video Blog Doug Dwyre, Mocapay

Through the Loyalty 360 Thought Leadership series we invite you to hear first-hand insights and perspectives from the thought leadership driving the customer engagement and loyalty industry today. In this video blog, Mark Johnson, President and CEO of Loyalty 360 interviews Doug Dwyre, CEO of Mocapay.

Doug is a seasoned executive with 24 years of experience in the financial services industry delivering innovative payment solutions to issuers, merchants and consumers around the world.

Doug shares his perspective and best practice insight relating to the following topics:

·      What will be the biggest opportunity for marketers in the next 3-5 years?

·      In traditional push marketing we measured effectiveness by response rates & CPM's and the ability to hit as many eyeballs as possible to increase trial and conversion rates?  How is today different?  How do you effect change with a CMO who still may be "push" focused?

·      With the advent of social, mobile and other emerging technologies, how do brands effectively improve the customer experience and engage their audience in this challenging and very dynamic marketing environment?

·      What new/trending technology do you believe has the best ability to evoke the senses to shape and steer meaningful and desired experiences for products and brands?

·      Mocapay recently released a new whitepaper, Closed-Loop ROI: The “Holy Grail” of Retail Marketing can you share a bit about key takeaways from paper and why Mocapay believed this is an important topic for marketers today?

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