[Podcast] Your Brand and the Human Element

People now care more and more about what brands are doing, even when the doings have little or nothing to do with the brand’s product or service. It’s a time of change, and navigating the shifting currents can be tricky. Loyalty360’s Mark Johnson spoke with Chris Malone, Founder and Managing Partner of Fidelum Partners. Malone co-wrote The HUMAN Brand: How We Relate to People, Products, and Companies with Princeton social psychologist Susan T. Fiske. The book reveals how perceptions arise from spontaneous judgements on two key factors: warmth and competence. These factors determine human impressions of others. Malone and Fiske also contend that this is how human beings form relationships with brands, and this notion has evolved from a time when reputations in small communities were everything to a brand, long before the days of likes, stars, and thumbs-up.

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