Meet the Speaker Paul Sage, Product Management Director, Aimia

Through the Loyalty 360 Meet the Speaker series we invite you to get a sneak peek into the upcoming webinar Seize the Moments: Capturing the 10 Most Important Customer Experience Moments.

In this video blog, Loyalty 360 interviews Paul Sage, Product Management Director, Aimia

Paul shares his perspective and best practice insight relating to the following topics:

1. What are two of the major developments in the loyalty marketing space?

2. What is driving this change in program deveopment?

3. What are a few of the main differences between loyalty marketing domestically and abroad?

4. What is the biggest misconception about data analysis?

5. How do you define small data?

6. What is one of the 10 most important customer experience moments?

7. What immediate actionable insight can attendee's look forward to learning by attending your webinar?

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