Video Case Study: Comarch & ENOC Shaping the Future of Fuel Loyalty
The Comarch Team | March 20, 2024

New research suggests that loyalty transactions can make up for as much as 50-70% of all gas station sales. But fuel loyalty isn’t possible without the right tools to build a rewards program. As proven by Comarch and ENOC’s cooperation, technology can make or break a gas station loyalty. The two companies joined forces when ENOC decided to create one of the world’s first gas & oil loyalty programs. With over 150 million customers served by the group each year, the challenge was real. How did Comarch and ENOC make it happen?

Watch the case study to find out!
Thanks to this video, you’ll learn:
• What does it take to build customer loyalty in fuel retail?
• How to create a loyalty program that gains over 200,000 members within the first month of launching?
• How to enhance customer experience in fuel?
• What are the key features that every fuel rewards program should have?
• What are the biggest obstacles to building loyalty in the fuel industry?
Get ready to get inspired – watch the Comarch & ENOC’s case study now!

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