The Road to AI-Driven Tribal Segmentation
The Comarch Team | December 08, 2021

Can you even say you know your customers without AI

How do you recognize your customers for their engagement when there are thousands (if not millions) of them?

Customers want meaning. They want to have a sense that they are getting something out of the relationship with your brand. And they all have different needs, tastes, hopes & dreams.

But there are some things - besides demographics - that many of them share: interests, passions, ideas, shopping behaviors. 

Due to the ever-growing amount of data and fast-changing variables, however, not only is it difficult to identify those experiences and values, it is even more difficult to divide customers into groups based on them
But it is possible. And in this e-book, we will reveal how it can be done using the latest AI/ML-powered loyalty management tools.

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